Ducky’s home


I wanted to share the glad tidings with everyone – Ducky is home!

He had disappeared on Sunday 6th, although a neighbour is positive he saw Ducky on the Monday afternoon.  We’d been searching and calling until we were blue in the face. Looking in all the probable and most improbable places.  I printed out flyers which I distributed in every letter box in the vicinty as well as the on-line ad and ads with the local vet. We asked all neighbours to have a good look in their homes and out-houses/barns etc.  I even went and rang on the door of the local château and asked the “Châtelaine” if she would give us permission to explore her 2 hectares of dense woodland.  Permission which was given, so husband and myself spent a couple of hours in wellie boots, with big sticks, fighting our way through the over-grown undergrowth. 

And then this morning, who should come scratching at the door?  Yep, Ducky.  Not a scratch on him, a little bit thinner and very hungry, but apart from that, he’s fine.  He obviously managed to get himself locked in somewhere and was freed or escaped this morning. 

So big sigh of relief here!  He’s been fed, had lots of cuddles, and I’m hoping he’ll now curl up somewhere indoors and sleep.  But then again, if he’s been trapped inside for the last few days & nights, he’s probably going to want to go out.