cat ‘n mouse

Abby mouse

Can you see the mouse?  Nope, neither can I and neither can Abby.  She did have one in her mouth, when she came into the veranda from the garden.  A live one.  Which she then dropped, and has since been searching inside shoes.  I’ve lost count of the number of live mice Abby and Ducky bring home.  I do wish they’d just stay outside with them!

Meanwhile, indoors . . . my current small cross stitch project has evolved, very slowly from this

yarn cats

to this

yarn cats 31 07

I could have worked on it a bit more, but I chose to keep busy last month with patchworking, mainly.

Postie brought me some surprise mail from Lilubelle

bookmarks from Lilu

a lovely selection of bookmarks with a nature theme.

And postie also delivered another fabric order.  I know, I know, I have drawers full of the stuff, I don’t need more but . . .



It was so pretty, I couldn’t resist, especially the second one.  My first thoughts, when I ordered, were that it would be lovely as backing fabric for a quilt (it’s 160cm wide off the bolt) but now it’s here, I’m wondering whether I’d dare wear a summer tunic in one or the other.  What do you think?  Would it be a too much?  A bit too “Dances with Wolves”?

And back to cats . . . slightly worried here, because Ducky has been missing since Sunday.  We’ve been calling him, and I’ve already put an “alert” on a dedicated site for lost & found pets.  Fingers crossed that he comes sauntering home soon.


27 thoughts on “cat ‘n mouse

  1. I think the feather fabric would make a lovely tunic – nothing wrong with dancing with wolves, just don’t tread on their toes, they can turn nastyl
    Has Ducky gone walkabout before? A couple of my cats sometimes wander off for a bit and then come back and sleep it off. Are you on ‘Chat Perdu’?

    • yep did my alert on Chat Perdu this afternoon. Ducky doesn’t normally disappear for this long, which is why we’re worried. That and the fact he was bitten only last month. Merlin is also on walkabout since last night, but it hasn’t been 24h for him so we’re not worrying (yet).
      And thanks for in-put on Feather fabric ^^

    • right, that’s 2 votes for the Feather fabric, Kate ^^ Plus mine, that makes 3. I’ll wait and see if I get any negative feedback first though, unless everyone will be too polite to say “no!” 😀

  2. What? Ducky isn’t home and you finish with that? Oh, I hope he turns up soon. I am sad thinking that he recovered from that awful mess only to go strolling off into the sunset.

    As for Abby – what a good girl! Our girls have been bringing mice from somewhere (they don’t go outside, so it is a little alarming) and putting them in the kitchen, where of course they immediately go under the stove or fridge. That keeps the cats immobile in the kitchen for hours. And it will eventually get us to move the appliances and clean behind, them, but thus far we have been as patient as the cats. the mice come out eventually, and we catch them then.

    Your stitching looks lovely, and I do like the fabric – the top one especially. Sure, make a tunic! Why not???

    • sorry to just throw in glum news at the end. Wasn’t sure whether to mention it or not, because I don’t want to appear alarmist, but Ducky does like his nosh and rarely misses feeding time.
      Sorry to hear you have live mice in the house too – maybe they’re hiding in the stash of granules for your wood burner?
      And thanks for the vote of confidence for feathers lol. You’re the third so far to say “go for it”.

      • I am glad you mentioned it. I hope he turns up OK. One of my old cats, gone many years now went on a five day adventure. I had given up on her, and one morning when I went to work she was sitting on the doorstep. I hope Ducky does the same thing.

        Yes, the mice are down cellar, we are pretty sure. I keep meaning to set some traps but haven’t yet done it.

        Glad others are telling you to be bold! Go for it!

    • thanks Catherine. Not sure about a dress, as I tend to go for long, tent like dresses, rather than snazzy short fitted ones, so am worried I’d look more like a walking curtain. However, I am leaning towards a long tunic type thing, below my bum but well above knee level.

  3. I think a tunic would be great with that fabric, if you think it needs a little balance, maybe consider a band of trim on the sleeves and neckline? Hope Ducky is home safe and sound, very soon!

    • it is, isn’t it lol. They also had it in more pink hues, pinks & oranges I think it was, but I’m not a very pink person. I get totally carried away when I see prints like that, grab a whole lot and then Wonder what to make with it.

  4. I’m not a very pink person either. Favorite color is black actually lol. But I get to live vicariously through the fabric I work with

    • I find it difficult to bring myself to work with black, but have an “order” from second son for a quilt with black background. As long as I’m allowed to use bright colours as well, to contrast, which I am, it should be okay.
      btw on your blog, just in case you didn’t know, you need to approve comments the first time a person responds, and from then on in, they’re automatically recognised.

  5. Those fabrics are fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you use them on! As for the mouse on the loose – in that photo you would have also seen my feet as I was standing on the chair praying for Abby to find the mouse!! 😀

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