a sentimental ramble and a necessary kick up the backside

There’s not a day goes by that I don’t regret having started this blog.  It’s been a way to reach out, and “meet” so many wonderful, like-minded crafters over the years.  Each day begins, for me, with a fresh mug of coffee, and a blog hop, as I scroll down in my WP reader, to see what blogging friends have been up to.  Or checking my email, for the notifications I receive when a non-WP blogger has posted.  My coffee usually goes cold, unforgotten, as I start leaving comments or replying to those left here.  Even my husband, peers over my shoulder as I blog hop and admires what you’ve all been up to!  Although he’s always more interested in the photos of gardens, flowers, animals and interesting walks.

I started out as a cross stitcher, more than 20 years ago, but over the years, I have branched out into other crafts, discovering more and more brilliant blogs as I go . . . finding friendship, inspiration, motivation and encouragement every step of the way.

I want to say “thank you” to everyone who stops by to read me and my ramblings.  When I first started blogging, I didn’t expect my blog to become such a big part of my daily life.  It really started out as an on-line journal for myself.  A “Dear Diary” in a sense.  A way of keeping track of projects I had worked on, which explains why I don’t talk or share much about my private life, except our animals and country surroundings.

Anyway . . . (because you’re already wondering if I’m going anywhere with this . . . ) that’s the sentimental ramble over lol.  Now onto the kick up the backside!

I was looking back over some of my old posts which made me realise how fast time really does fly as you get older.  Things I thought  happened only yesterday, happened much longer ago . . . and I realised, I need to get my finger out!

Because, I still have all of the following, in their unfinished state, stashed away in my drawers, and I didn’t realise (until the other day) just how many projects have been waiting for so long, for a full-flung Happy Dance!

There’s this



Last posted about in September 2016, which got no farther than being assembled into 3 bands, before being folded and put away.

let it bee 03

My hand-pieced “Let it bee” hexie top, still in this unfinished stage since July 2016.

2nd cat top

A quilted cushion front, still waiting for a back, since June 2016.

indians almost 02

Two native American Indians, cross-stitched in 2013, then assembly begun in April 2016 to make wall hangings . . . still waiting.

And when I start looking at other cross-stitched pieces awaiting some kind of finish . . . it goes from the relatively recent, like these

statement finished

“Statement Flowers” – February 2017, to these . . . .

zodiac x12

Vervaco Zodiac signs – set of 12 finished in June 2016.

SAL friendship quilt finished

“Friendship Quilt” finished in October 2015 – this would make a great cushion cover to go with my recent “such fun!” F2F2 quilt, despite having purple, not blue.


“Cirque des Triangles” finished in September 2014 and still waiting for a frame.

P2 finished01

“Pentacost Two” finished in December 2013.

And it gets worse . . . with these two that date back to around 2007

“Bramble & the Rose” by Ink Circles on left and the “Grand Marquoir” by Isabelle Vautier on the right.  As well as a selection of “smalls” just folded and sitting in a drawer since I can’t remember when (since I never date my work).

And those are just a few . . .

I am therefore going to try and actually properly finish off some of the above over the coming months.  Even if I only manage to tackle one a month.   It seems  silly to have spent so much time (and money) crafting when the results are hidden from view in a drawer.


38 thoughts on “a sentimental ramble and a necessary kick up the backside

    • thanks Tony. I’ve actually bought 2 frames, and plan on framing my Cirque des Cercles as soon as the matching Cirque des Triangles is finished – so that’ll be a start!

  1. What a gorgeous collection of work Claire, it must be lovely to take a look back at all of those lovely projects – thanks for sharing! I particularly love that “statement flowers” cross stitch – that must have been a really fun one to stitch.

    • I hope so Susan. I am thinking of picking up the cat cushion cover and getting that done next week as it’s pretty close to a finish.

  2. You are a cross stitcher extraordinaire! I love the statement flowers in particular.
    Isn’t it normal to have your smalls stashed away in your drawers? Trouble is it does make you walk funny.
    Sorry, not sorry for the puerile humour.

  3. I had a bit of a discovery session earlier this spring and it was quite invigorating to go through my stash and realize that finished were at hand, even without a trip to the store. GO for it! Even if you only finish a few things now, you will enjoy it!

  4. I usually start my days the same way as you do. After reading the newspaper and after the first cup of tea I settle down with my computer and visit friends on their blogs. It’s a nice way to get ready for the day, isn’t it?
    All these projects are worth finishing.

  5. I think these long term finishes will deserve a special happy dance, having waited patiently for you to remember them. As for blogging, I can’t really start my day properly without at least a quick check on what’s going on out there…!

  6. That’s a lot of beautiful projects there. I’ve got a box for mine but I have no plans to investigate how many are waiting for completion – I’m scared to look LOL

    My blog started in much the same way as yours, mostly for crafting, reading and a way to record holidays so I can relive them whenever I want. It’s been lovely ‘meeting’ so many other friendly bloggers though and I do enjoy a good read when I get time. If only work didn’t take up so much time 😉

    • I don’t have too many regrets, and my blog certainly isn’t one of them ^^
      However, yes, I need to get started on some of these older projects and make them into proper finished items. I will feel such a sense of achievement when I do.

  7. I started my blog in the hope that I would start finishing pieces! That hasn’t worked quite as planned as I’ve taken a different path! You have some lovely pieces here to be reunited with. It will be lovely to see them!

  8. These are all lovely projects! I remember some of these when I started blogging 🙂 Good luck on catching up with your UFOs. This has also been my goal this year.

  9. I love that Grand Marquoir sampler. I have a hard time finishing certain types of projects too. And because I know that about myself now I stop myself even starting a lot of them, thereby keeping me from enjoying the process of making. It’s a vicious cycle.

    • with the cross stitching, I can’t help myself ^^ I love starting a new design, and always (or 99% of the time) finish the actual cross stitch part, but then I sort of lose interest and never make it into anything.

  10. So much beautiful work! I’ve actually just realised that I’ve been following you for quite a while not, I remember many of those projects! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful art with us 😘

  11. So many beautiful projects! I do know your feeling though only too well. I have a very large tote filled with blocks from various projects that need to be put together into finished tops, and probably 30 or more finished cross-stitch pieces that need to have something done with them. Maybe I’ll get some of them out and showcase them like you’ve done and think about workign on them so that I can finish them into something.

  12. I’m so happy to have found your blog and to have met you Claire! You have some fantastic projects to finish! What a beautiful collection of your talents!! 😀

  13. Wonderfull collection Claire. We can all relate too! I must admit my WIP pile is huge only today I purchased some items to finish one or 2. Even with my stash I still needed extra ☺ looking forward to seeing your happy dancing

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