mad dogs and Frenchmen . . .

Temperatures are boiling hot in our corner of France again this week.  It’s approx 36°C here at the moment (in the shade) during the day, and not going much below 25°C at night.  We’re sweating.  Staying indoors during the hottest part of the day, and then enjoying a dip in the spa late afternoons to cool off.  But, also having to brave the heat because Gibbs needs his exercise.

Last week I showed you the floatable toy I made for Gibbs, and I’m pleased to say, it’s holding up very well.  We’ve been taking him to the park every day and the first thing he does is dive into the lake.


You can just make out his toy, in the centre of the ring of water circles . . . he’s become a very competent swimmer in a very short space of time.




And this game could go on and on and on, if Gibbs had his say.



However, we also go to the park for a few “educational” activites.  Including obstacles.  Of which this is one.


It took him a few days to become brave enough to do this, but now he walks up the ramp, across and down the other side on his own. 


There’s a lower platform where he hops up, sits and then jumps off.


And then there are tunnels to run through, hurdles to jump over, tyres to leap through, and much much more.  For the moment, and in the space of only 10 days, Gibbs has learned to do 6 of the (approximately) 12 obstacles on the course.  But what he really enjoys is swimming in the lake and charging around playing with the other dogs we meet.