Ducky update, crochet WIPs and an upcoming patchwork

I am ever so pleased to say that Ducky’s ordeal is now over.  After going to the vets for an op, following a cat bite, and having to wear his bandage suit.  After being shut up in the guest room for endless days and nights . . . stitches are now out and Ducky is free to come and go as he pleases.

stitches out

Okay, he looks a bit strange still, with a huge, rectangular bald patch.  But fur will grow back eventually and this incident will soon be a thing of the past.

My only worry now is that our other 3 cats are all being very hissy towards him.  They don’t seem to recognise him anymore.  We were expecting Le Bleu to get antsy, because he always does.  However, even the usually docile Merlin and Abby have been hissing and trying to whack Ducky, whenever he gets too close.  In order to try and keep the majority happy, Ducky is therefore still having to sleep on his own in the guest room at night, just until the other cats get over their amnesia.

Apart from spending lots of time giving Ducky extra cuddles in the spare room . . . I have done a little bit of crafting recently.  Not as much as I would have liked, but even so, a few photos to share with you.

WIP monkey

I’ve made a start on “Johny the monkey” – a pattern in the first Zoomigurumi book.  This one is labelled as being for “experienced” crocheters, probably because of the shaping on the face part.  It wasn’t difficult though.  I just followed the excellent stitch by stitch instructions and it hooked up with no problem.  So far I’ve made the head, body, face bit and 2 ears.  Next to tackle the other parts.

I also started a second pattern, from the same book, because working in dark brown isn’t always easy.

WIP pony

This one, “Leila the pony”.  My pony is going to be mainly baby pink, and I’m thinking of using a dark grey for the hooves.  With (possibly) a purple mane and tail, but I haven’t decided yet.  So far, one body, waiting to be stuffed.

And more pics of some new fabrics I am eagerly awaiting . . .

baby 01

baby 02

baby 03

baby 04

baby 05

baby 06

One of our neighbours is expecting a baby girl later this year . . . any excuse eh?  I’ll be making a baby sized quilt, with the bird print as my main fabric, and other pretty colours too.  Can’t wait for fabrics to arrive and to make a start!


27 thoughts on “Ducky update, crochet WIPs and an upcoming patchwork

    • yes I’m basing other colours on the bird fabric, although the future big sister would have liked me to make something all in pink lol

  1. So glad Ducky is on the mend. He might still smell like the vet, causing other cats to ostracize him. They will all get over it. 🙂

    Those fabrics are going to make a Gorgeous quilt!

      • Yeah, that is probably all it is. Once he is out in the garden, lolling in the sun and bathing, he will smell more like Ducky to them. I always thought it so mean of our cats when they hiss at the poor injured or sick kitty who just wants to get life back to normal, not have siblings and friends telling him or her to get lost. 🙂

      • yep cats can be very mean, especially Le Bleu who tends to bear a grudge. But then he had an awful experience after broken femur when he was Young, and that has marked him for life, both physically and psychologically I fear.

      • Well, I hope he recognizes a kindred spirit when he sees one, because Ducky has been through the wars! Le Bleu should be sympathetic. 🙂

  2. Glad Duckie is on the mend and enjoying freedom again! Your little pony will be so cute in those colors, and the monkey reminds me of the monkey given to Girl#1 during Twinkle Class long ago. I believe he travelled extensively in her case for a few years…wishing your monkey great adventures too. I bet you’ll have enough scraps from the baby quilt to make a Big Sister bag of some sort, the they can be a coordinating pair. 😊

  3. Ducky looks like you needed just his color for your quilt and cut it out of his fur. 🙂 Just kidding…I am so glad he is on the mend. He needs to make friends with the neighbors so this doesn’t happen again.

  4. Have you tried using Feliway? It calms cats down when there are new and confusing circumstances such as moving, a new cat or dog addition to the family, visitors, etc. Mine live mostly in our conservatory so I plug a diffuser into the socket and I assume it works. Otherwise, they’ll just get used to him again in the end I’m sure.
    You could make that little pink pony into a unicorn fairly easily if you wanted to. I’ve never seen a pink pony but I think I’ve seen a pink unicorn 😉
    I love having the opportunity to make a baby quilt – they’re small and you can use cutesy fabric like those lovely birds.

    • I’ve tried Feliway on our cats (when Abby & Ducky were tiny kittens) and it doesn’t seem to work on my lot. Never worry, the hissing has lessened this morning, so we’re getting there.
      As for pink pony . . . I was thinking of the cartoon “My Little Pony” – there are pink ponies in that, aren’t there? Whatever this pony will be pink because it’s going to be for 7 year old Cléo.

      • my lot were more into Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers and other “action” cartoons, even our daughter, but MLP is still going strong, or so I believe and there are even ADULTS who are mad about them lol.

  5. I’m happy Ducky is doing so well. He deserves the extra hugs and attention. I figure it won’t be long until the others take back up with him. Cats are so funny like that. Gotta love they’re finicky nature.
    The fabrics are a fun combination and will make for an adorable quilt for the baby.

  6. Poor Ducky, having to live by himself, having an op and now his friends are hissing at him. Hope it will be better soon. Your crochet is really improving, both the monkey and the horse are gonna be so nice!!!

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