gaming chicks

You may remember, I hooked up a batch of chicks, for Adopt-a-chick surprise gifts this Easter.  Making and sending to my adult children and their partners. 

adopt a chick

Well, I had a chuckle last month, and wanted to share it with you.


This photo is extracted from CodeMasters’ promotional video for their latest game DIRT4.  Second son (busy at his work station here, in photo) is a senior programmer at Codies, and my daughter is an artist there too.  So, the very proud Mum wanted to share the news that they both contributed to this new racing game which has recently been released . . . and two of my chicks got in on the picture too lol.


16 thoughts on “gaming chicks

  1. Seriously cute – I’ll have to give that pattern a whirl next Easter (I’m at the very bottom rung of the beginner ladder when it comes to crocheting though!!). You much be so proud of DS and DD 😀

    • I crocheted my first chick as one of my very first crochet projects, Bella. I’ve hardly done any crocheting in rows yet, but started Learning how to crochet in the round since I wanted to crochet in order to make amigurumi rather than scarves/shawls/blankets. These chicks are very simple. And because they’re small, they work up very fast.

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