I’m too old for this . . .

I maintain that we’re never too old (or young) to learn something new.  However, I’ve decided I’m too old . . . to be working on a project I’m not enjoying!  Crafting should be fun.  It’s a hobby, after all.  In years gone by, I would have been up for a challenge, but nowadays if it becomes a chore, I don’t want to do it.  There are enough chores to do in day-to-day life, without adding one to my evening entertainment!   With this thought in mind, I made an executive decision, regarding “Victorian Charm”.

Victorian charm july

The more I looked, and studied the chart to see what colours I needed to thread up next, the more I realised that this design just isn’t any fun at the moment.  It’s too much like hard work.  It’s not so much the fact there are lots of symbols that need to be stitched combining 2 different colours.  It’s the dark navy 18 count aida that’s making work difficult.   

This kit is therefore going back in the drawer.  To become an UFO (un finished object) until I can find the motivation to face it again.  It’s not that I don’t love the design, because I do.  I just can’t be bothered with it right now.  So “Sorry” to second son and N, who gifted this kit to me in xmas 2015.  It’ll be picked up again sometime in the future.  Just not this year!

Instead, I pulled out something very small and light-hearted.  Something with few colours.  Something that I will be able to stitch without squinting at either chart or fabric.  A design that will only take a very short time to complete

yarn cats

“Yarn Cats” by Design Works.  I bought this in January during the massive sewandso sales.  Stitched on 14 count rustico aida, it’s a very simple design, which is perfect for stitching in the evening.  Progress will be quick and painless, which is how I like my cross stitch these days.  Easy and fun!

And before I go . . . a photo to show you this

from Virginie

A lovely 3D card from Virginie to whom I sent an unbirthday surprise earlier in the year. 


30 thoughts on “I’m too old for this . . .

  1. Life is definitely too short to carry on with something we’re really not enjoying, our hobbies aren’t meant to be chores! I can’t do cross-stitch on a dark background, it looks stunning, just can’t see it!! Enjoy your new project, looks very cute 🙂

  2. I’m with you. Handwork should give you pleasure, either for the sake of the thing or the sake of the person you’re making it for. Once it becomes a drag or drain, into the drawer it goes. For me, the trick is always the race between finishing it and getting bored with it!

  3. Definitely agree with not finishing something if you just aren’t enjoying it! I’ve got a lovely cross stitch that was going to be finished for my Mum about ten years ago! I just couldn’t be bothered with the black Aida and the overly fiddly colour changes ever stitch!

    • I’m glad I’m not alone.
      It’s a shame because I bought myself the most gorgeous kit a few years ago, with a cat & rabbit . . . and have just left it in the drawer ever since because of the black aida.

  4. I barely dragged myself through my last project, mostly because I was way too close to finishing to stop when it began really bothering me. For me the best reason of all to stop a project you don’t enjoy doing is that you’re not likely to take real pleasure in the finished item — relief at being done just isn’t a substitute.

    I actually have no UFOs right now because I nearly always finish one before starting another. The last true UFO I had was on black, and my eyesight had degraded enough to make doing it nothing but work. I did eventually finish it, but it sat for a long time first.

  5. Your “Victorian Charm” piece is pretty. But I definately understand about having to put a project away until you feel motivated. Your “Yarn Cats” are adorable. They make me smile. I can see how it’s much more fun to work on that one.
    Lovely card. You have a good friend to send you such a pretty card.

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  7. I agree 100% and have struggled with this off and on with my crochet projects. You have hit on the secret to happiness – if you’re not enjoying it stop doing it. So simple but so wise!! 😀

  8. I absolutely agree with you Claire – this is our hobby time after all – there’s no point giving up hours of your precious time to a project you’re not enjoying anymore. I’ve given up on a couple of projects in the past for exactly this reason – I call them UFOs and they sit in a drawer somewhere as I can’t bear to actually throw them away but I know secretly that I will probably never return to them!

  9. Like the others I agree – stitching should always be fun and stitching on very dark fabric sometimes isn’t. I can understand why you had to put this project aside for a while. Although I really love Victorian houses.

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