Ducky’s in the wars (again)

Ducky is in the wars again.  After his insect sting in May, we had to make an impromptu visit to the vet’s this morning, because he came home yesterday evening with a wound on his side. (yucky photo further down so ye squeamish, be warned).

He wouldn’t let us see or touch and got very hissy.  He hid under the bed in our spare room and I left him to calm down before we went back for a closer look.  By which time, he’d made the job easier for us, since he’d been licking, and his abrasive tongue had stripped away some fur.  We were able to see this


A yucky injury about 1cm in diameter with 2 puncture holes about 2cm apart, either side.  Our thoughts: a cat bite.

Unfortunately, he came home too late for me to phone the vet, so we left him shut up in the spare room with litter tray and only water (no food).  I also slipped on a cat-sized plastic cone to prevent any further licking, and we left him alone for the night.

This morning . . . he had managed to remove the cone, and done some more licking, so the wound was now 2cm in diameter, and even more fur had come away.  Making things look even yuckier.  We phoned vet’s and managed to get an appointment.

Vet’s verdict was the same as ours: cat bite.

I was praised for having had the foresight to remove food, because vet needed to keep Ducky for a couple of hours.  She gave him a general anaesthetic, excised some tissue which had already started to necrose.  Gave everything a good clean & stitched him back up.


Ducky is already back home, hiding under the bed in the spare room.  He’s still very groggy from the anaesthetic and can’t walk without falling over and rolling onto his back.  But he should be feeling better by this evening.  He’ll be allowed a drink of water tonight, but will have to wait until tomorrow for food.

I have no post-op care to do (for which I am very thankful).  Vet gave him all meds by injection and wants to see him next week just to check on stitches.  Which will come out on 19th July. 

Ducky will therefore have to stay indoors for the next 12 days, and wear this very fashionable “suit” to keep bandage in place.  A lot less stressful for him, than having to wear the plastic cone.

Obviously, when you live in the countryside, like we do, cats love to live outdoors and go exploring.  The upside is that they lead a very healthy, active life.  The downside, that they’re more likely to have a road accident or come up against an unfriendly cat who picks a fight. 

As soon as Ducky is over this scrape, we’ll be letting him out again.  Being indoors all day isn’t good for him.  He had put on lots of weight over the winter months, following his urinary blockage, with weight creeping up to 6.7 kilos.  However, with the good weather, all the time spent outdoors, and a bit of food rationing,  he is now down to 5.3 kilos – pure muscle, no excess fat.