“Trust your eyes”–Linwood Barclay

trust your eyes

Quick resumé

Thomas Kilbride, agoraphobic and schizophrenic, hasn’t left his house in 15 years.  Yet, he travels the world, on his computer ,using the software Whirl360, memorising the details in every street in every city as he goes. 

One day, while on a virtual visit in Manhatten, Thomas sees what looks to be a woman’s face in a window . . . being smothered to death with a plastic bag.  Is there still time to save her?  Should he contact the police?  Who will believe him?

Only one person can help him.  His brother, Ray, who had chosen, in the past, to put some distance between himself and Thomas’ insanity.  However, this time, Ray is inclined to believe his brother.   What if Thomas really did witness a murder, and there’s a killer on the loose?

* * * * *

This is the first Linwood Barclay novel I’ve read, and I can tell you, there will be more on my reading list in future!  This suspense novel starts out, a little like the Hitchcock film “Rear Window”, with Thomas convinced he has witnessed a crime.  The problem being, that the crime (if that’s what it was) took place miles away, and probably even weeks or months before.

Linwood Barclay knows how to tell a good story and keep up the suspense.  I thoroughly enjoyed this  and had quite a few surprises along the way.  Right up until the last page, if fact!


8 thoughts on ““Trust your eyes”–Linwood Barclay

  1. You obviously had fun reading this Claire! It’s not my usual sort of genre but it sounds as if it would be a gripping holiday read – I might indulge.

    • not much blood or gore in this Lynn, so if you’re squeamish, you’ll be fine. I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for another Linwood Barclay in our library.

  2. Oh my! I may have to try this one. I limit my intake on thrillers and scary books…my imagination goes into overdrive, but they are so riveting to read, and it’s been awhile…😉

    • without giving the plot away, it’s not “scarey” so it won’t give you nightmares or anything lol. It is, however (in my opinion) a real page-turner, so you might end up reading for longer than intended because suspense is very good.

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