F2F2 final assembly has begun!

After showing you this photo

F2F2 blocks sashed

of 30 quilt blocks, sashed and quilted, the assembly part of QAYG has finally begun.


I’m doing things the way I usually do them . . . joining blocks in rows, and then joining rows together.  This quilt will be 5 blocks wide and 6 rows deep . . . and this is where I’m up to so far.


Blocks have all been quilted differently, some more densely than others, which means there is occasionally slightly more orange sashing visible around certain blocks.


But I don’t honestly think it jumps out at you.  Anyway, I have the first 2 rows joined together and third row is also ready to be attached.

I’m not rushing this part, as it requires careful sewing and nice regular seams.  I love how it looks so far.  Blocks are all gorgeous, and colours so bright.  Stay tuned for a happy dance on this one, which should be before the end of July.


24 thoughts on “F2F2 final assembly has begun!

    • thank you Cathy. Yes, I decided to stick to just one solid colour to bring all blocks together and I like how it looks.

  1. I always look forward to seeing your F2F posts as it usually means I get to see my little hedgehog again – I miss him, I must make one for myself 😉
    This is going to be fabulous Claire – so bright and sunny – have you a place in mind for it when it’s finished?

    • colour scheme should look good in our guest room, which has bright green splashes with bedside lamps & curtain. However, if I put it in there, I’ll hardly ever get to admire it, so I’m not really sure.

  2. I’d forgotten what a ravishing colour scheme you chose! To be honest, unless you’d pointed out a very tiny variation in sashing widths, I’d never have noticed, I was enjoying the colours too much! Great progress, too, and at this rate you’ll soon have it done.

    • thanks Kathy ^^ I was unsure about colour for sashing and was originally going to go with white . . . then when my fabric ordered arrived, the shop had sent white linen instead of white cotton and I was too impatient to wait and sort that out, so I dived in with orange. I’m so glad now that I did ^^

    • thank you Peggy ^^ It was wonderful taking part in this blocks swap, and I am really loving how all the different blocks are coming together.

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