cool enough to knit

After sweltering for most of May and June, temperatures suddenly fell, from low 30s°C to 17°C and we’re left wondering where summer had gone to.  Mr Meteo reassures us, temps will rise again soon, over the coming days/weeks . . . but I decided to make the most of the cooler weather while it was here and do some more knitting.

My sweater got stuffed in my knitting bag looking like this

knitting 03

A few knitting sessions later and it now looks like this

knitting 0107

Colours are much prettier/brighter in real life. For some reason I’m having problems taking a decent photo.  Anyway . . . as you can see, the front of my sweater is coming along in leaps and bounds.  I’ve begun decreasing to shape armholes.  Was rather pleased when I laid both front and back on the floor, to note that my stripes all line up nicely, which means tension is good. 

Future progress is going to depend entirely on the weather.  If it stays cold & damp, I’ll be knitting.  If it suddenly hots up again, I’ll be crocheting.  Either way, my hands will be busy making something!