best layer of the month #June

egg photo

Temperatures in our corner of France have been very very hot this month and, despite, having their enclosure in the orchard, in the shade of apple trees, our hens have been suffering.

Eggs count is way down as a result.  Not that I can blame them, because I wouldn’t feel like laying eggs when it’s been as hot as 35°C in the shade either!

Total egg count was 22 for June.  With Miss Marple laying 12, Miranda 9 and Miss Moneypenny only 1 egg.

I am pleased so say though, that temperatures have dropped over the last few days. We’ve had storms, buckets of rain, and today I don’t think it’s above 20°C.  Miss Moneypenny has left the nest, and is pecking & scratching with the two other gals in the cool grass.


6 thoughts on “best layer of the month #June

    • I haven’t had to buy any yet, but then we’ve only been using eggs for hard-boiled eggs (in this heat) for salady meals. If I was planning on doing any baking, or making pancakes, I’d run out very quickly.

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