happy unbirthdays in June

fabric trays x3

Here is what was made and sent out as unbirthday gifts in June.  Three little fabric trays, each made with a central patchwork scrappy block.  One in beiges & browns, one in dusky pink and one in bright pinks.

fabric tray dusky pink 01

Fabric trays that can be used for whatever.  I have one, and find it’s very practical for my sewing bits, to stop cats from knocking things onto the floor.

Speaking of cats . . .

Abby funny

Anyway, ladies to celebrate their unbirthdays in June were La Pie Kikou, Sandrine and Yvonne.  Time to get sewing and make something for July.


12 thoughts on “happy unbirthdays in June

  1. These trays look lovely with their patchwork bottoms and very useful although my cat would probably knock the whole thing off if I were to put one in the way of him.
    Lovely cat photo – was he mid-wash?

    • they do! I made myself one ages ago, which sits beside my sewing machine and holds various sewing Tools (including all the feet for my machine). But these trays could also be used as bread trays on the table, or by the front door, for car keys and loose change.

  2. I think those little trays look wonderful! I think you’ve inspired me to try to make a few as they’re a great idea – although I have a feeling Baxter will think of it as his kitty toy tray.

    • thank you Cathi and I’m pleased I’ve motivated you to make a couple. You can make them big or small. These ones started out with something like a 6″ base.

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