when it’s hot

Our corner of France has had nothing but sun, sun, and more sun.  Gibbs is a happy dog because he can go for a dip in our little stream to cool down – something he does at every opportunity.  Water is somewhat murky though and I honestly don’t feel like following suit.  Yet, I’ve been suffering from the heat, with swollen hands & feet (due to bad circulation) and my back, which still isn’t 100% has been causing more leg pain.

My lovely husband took pity on me, and was trying to think of a solution, bearing in mind that summer temperatures are likely to continue well into September.  The solution he came up with is


Our own little private spa!  It’s basically a glorified inflatable paddling pool, but a bit more high-tech.  A Bestway “Lay-Z- Spa”, the “Paris” model.   The advertising photo shows


It has a pump with an incorporated heating system so water can be heated (or you can just leave the cover on for part of the day and let the sun heat it up) . . . and then bubbles.  Lots of lots of bubbles that massage. 

I never imagined having something like this in the back garden, but now it’s there, I have to say – yippee!!!  It’s brilliant!  Ever so refreshing to take a dip, and let the bubbles massage my back.  It’s a bit noisey when the bubbles are doing their thing, but oh!  how relaxing!

We don’t go away on holiday, so with this spa, I’ll be able to take frequent dips throughout the day, and keep fresh.  A shame it’s not practical to do needlecrafts at the same time.



26 thoughts on “when it’s hot

    • oh I am. I have just been letting the sun heat the water, rather than heating up with the thermostat thing (can go up to 40°C) because I want somewhere to cool off. After an hour in the water, I feel so refreshed for several hours afterwards.

  1. Ooh, when are the swingers coming round?
    Sorry, I had to laugh at the advert – it looks a little overcrowded 😉 Just perfect though for you and perhaps your LH from time to time when he’s had enough of the courgette harvesting.

    • I agree it does look a bit kitsch, and can’t see us having a “spa party”! It even came with special LED lights, that change colour, but we didn’t bother attaching them.

  2. Ooh, that looks fabulous! I could fancy a spot of that on our hot very days, and best of all, you can deflate it and put it away, and not have that whole swimming pool maintenance thing…

  3. Ahhh, such bliss! I love my backyard pool (it is bigger but no more sophisticated) as well, and you are right – get that body temperature down, and you will feel cool for hours. Glad you and Gibbs are keeping cool!

  4. How wonderful!!! I was sold just from the advertisement picture!! What fun people they get to pose for the pictures even if it is a little unrealistic!! But when I saw you enjoying your lovely bubbly soak I thought “Now that is the picture that the advertisement should have on it!!” You look so blissfully relaxed and happy!!

  5. That’s so awesome! I’m sure you could find a way to do some cross stitching in there, a really small project or something 😊 looks so blissful!

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