harvesting vitamins

As you know, my husband loves gardening, and now he’s retired he has more time to spend in his veggie patch.  I’m not particularly interested in gardening, and much prefer to keep my hands busily clean doing needlecrafts.  But I’m more than happy to down needle and applaud, as husband brings fresh veggies into the kitchen each day, and sets about preparing dinner.


Husband only planted 2 courgette plants this year but we’re already being inundated with fresh courgettes, literally every day.  Here’s a basket of courgettes, a handful of pois gourmands (or mange-tout), a couple of beetroot and our very first cucumber.

Cucumber which rather tempted Gibbs


Who put his paws up on the table and had a chomp before I had time to tell him off.  That dog  will eat anything!

more veggie

And then only 2 days later . . . even more courgettes and some home-grown potatoes.  They made a lovely change . . . rissoled gently, until they were golden & crispy, served with green salad and Italian smoked ham.  Yum yum.

Cats are also bringing a few things home . . . and the garden path is littered, daily, with the corpses of dead mice (I apologise to the faint-hearted, but cats will be cats).  However, occasionally, one does get away. 

another one

This little one was brought, alive, into the veranda, and from there, managed to scurry into the house.  It then spent 24 hours in hiding before I was able to locate it, trap it, and set it free.  Although saying that, if it hangs around in our garden, I don’t give it long before it gets caught again. 


21 thoughts on “harvesting vitamins

  1. I’m with you on the gardening front! Unfortunately Mr. T. hasn’t been able to keep on top of the garden at all this year as he’s had too many work commitments so nothing coming out of the veggie patch at all. However, I remember the invasion of the courgette from previous years and could never get round to using them all – they’re not even my favourite vegetable so I dont really miss them. We’ve got so many cats in and around this house now that I think the local mouse population has upped sticks and moved somewhere safer. Even the edible dormice (Loir) seem to have decamped. If you want to teach your cats a lesson you could always join the trend to scare them with a cucumber (link here if you’ve never heard of this phenomenon – https://youtu.be/ZIQiiG6i09A ) although it obviously doesn’t have the same effect on dogs if Gibbs is anything to go by.

  2. That looks like a very tasty basketful, and I love the sound of what you did with the spuds. Left to myself I’d eat ratatouille every day, so I’d be asking M. Hupin to grow aubergines, tomatoes, garlic and onions too! Particularly yummy with eggs baked into it, cooked slowly in the oven 🙂

  3. Our Max is a cucumber thief! We once watched him slinking across the yard, cuke in mouth, checking the picture window to see if he had been caught! It was hilarious! Wonderful harvest happening for you, YUM!

    • lol decidedly, dogs will eat anything! Gibbs likes to help picking the strawberries and raspberries, picking them delicately off with his teeth, but he doesn’t seem to differentiate between those that are ripe and those that are still green.

  4. Your veggies are mouth watering. Did Gibbs enjoy his sample of cucumber? A mouse in the house – I don’t mind mice as long as they stay outdoors – you made a good catch but it sounds like this mouse likes it at your place. 🙂

    • oh yes Gibbs seems to love cucumber, and loves quite a variety of fruit & veg which surprises me because previous dogs haven’t been great vegetarians

    • yes, Gibbs has started standing at the kitchen table, each time he sees me preparing fruit or veg, hoping something will fall on the floor lol

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