amigurumi bunny

I’ve been hooking rather than knitting these past few days as we’re having something of a heat wave.  Tackling another pattern from the first in the “Zoomigurumi” series.

Zoomi 01

Working on this pattern.

Wasabi WIP

Pattern called “Wasabi the bunny” by Little Muggles.   Is made up of 9 parts.  I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn in Duck Egg and Sage.  And a 3mm hook for this project because I felt tension could have been tighter on my tiger.

ami lapin 02

This is the final result – bunny measures 15cm high, in this sitting position to the tips of his ears.

ami lapin01

His nose didn’t turn out quite as I’d hoped  and ended up looking more like a koala nose than a bunny nose . . . not to worry.  He’s still presentable.

And, just for fun, because I wanted to see the progress I have made since beginning this amigurumi crochet lark in February . . . a group photo of some of the critters I’ve made.   These are the ones which haven’t been given away (yet).amigurumi group

I will now be flicking through the pages of my book . . . wondering which critter to make next.  It could be the monkey (of the cover photo) next.


24 thoughts on “amigurumi bunny

  1. I’m hooking in this heat too which would be fine if I wasn’t making a blanket – phew!
    I just received two books of amigurumi creatures for my birthday last week – one is mix and match monsters and the other is trophy heads! I actually hate making toys – although I did ask for these books – but some of these crocheted ones are so cute I will have to give them a go.( It’s the stuffing part and the fiddly parts that put me off.) I’m thinking I could sell them at the fund raiser events I am involved in for the dog shelters.

    • I was tempted to buy that mix ‘n match monster book! Can you let me know if it looks any good? I also prefer the crocheting part to the assembly part but, honestly, once you get to that stage it doesn’t take very long to do and gets easier with praactice. I’m not quite confident with faces yet though.

      • I haven’t made anything from it yet – only got it last Friday – but it looks like it would be fun and the information pages look very comprehensive. I might surprise you with a monster very soon 😉

      • I had anoother look on amazon, and ended up ordering the number 2 in the Zoomigurumi series instead lol. so I’ll maybe put the monster book on my xmas list.

      • no birds with dangly legs is by the same person as the Edward’s Menagerie book. Same author as the monsters you’ve got, I think. I’m gradually building up the collection of Zoomigurumi books which are collection of 15 designs each time, by different international creators.

    • I’m finding it more comfortable to croehcet at the moment than work on other crafts because of the heat and my back in still giving me grief too

    • thank you Tami. I am certainly wondering now, what I was afraid of, all of those years, and why I didn’t try crochet before.

      • I know what you’re saying!! I have known how to crochet my whole life but was afraid to do anything except for blankets and scarves. Once I discovered tutorials on youtube I was amazed at what I could make. I didn’t make my first amigurumi until about a year ago! You are jumping right into projects – and pattern reading like a pro!! 😀

      • to be honest, the amigurumi & beanie patterns are all fairly similar with crocheting in the round, so once I got the hang of that, it’s all plain sailing. I have yet to tackle something in rows.

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