one man and his dog

One man and his dog have been trying to keep cool in this heat

1806man and dog

This was taken of Gibbs surveying the dam building in the little stream that runs along the edge of our orchard.   By the way, we’re still waiting for Gibbs’ biopsy results.  I’ll let you all know as soon as we do.


My husband enjoys playing with water almost as much as Gibbs does.  Anyway, they were both nice and cool, in the shade . . . meanwhile in the sunshine . . .

1806bald patch

This is what the hens’ enclosure looks like, after several months of pecking, and scratching.  The only plant that has survived is

1806 flowers

I’ve no idea what it is, but it’s very pretty.  Hens meanwhile have been moved to summer camp, in the orchard.


They’ve got plenty of fresh grass to peck/scratch and they’re in the shade of two apple trees.  You can only see two gals in the photo . . . Miss Moneypenny is brooding.

Anyway, a quick tour with the camera to see how everything is growing in the heat.

1806 kiwiws

The kiwi vine is covered in tiny fruit.  That won’t be ready for harvest until December/January, but I’m keeping a close eye on them already.

1806 vine

This is one of the our grape vines (for eating grapes).  Husband cut it back last year and it has grown with new vigour this season.


In the veggie patch . . .

1806 courgettes

Courgettes are spreading and we’ve already begun harvesting & enjoying them while they’re small & tender.

1806 spuds

Same goes for potatos which husband planted under straw this year.  We’ve already enjoyed some baby new potatos (from the middle row).


We’ve got 18 tomato plants under cover and first tommies are there.

1806 tommies 02

1806 tommies 01

Other plants are looking a bit sorry for themselves, but growing nonetheless, apart from the brocoli which has completly gone to seed.

1806 veggie patch

And I have no idea what’s going on with my beans this year!


We’ve planted 3 rows so far, at fortnightly intervals, but things are either coming up patchy or not at all.  Husband suggests he turn over the soil in what was the hens’ enclosure to plant more beans there.  I think he might have to.


17 thoughts on “one man and his dog

  1. That’s a cranesbill or hardy geranium. They come in pretty colours from blue through lavender, magenta and pale pink. Your garden is looking wonderful, and I particularly like the photo of your boys playing in the stream!

  2. Lots of hard work going on there – and lots of watering too I should imagine. I couldn’t even face going out in the garden a couple of days last week – too uncomfortable even in the shade.

    • the hens aren’t enjoying the heat either, Kate, hence summer camp in the orchard, where they’ve got shade. Only problem is, it’s a longer walk for me to take fresh water each day.

    • oh yes, it’s lovely to be able to pick and eat fresh. Mind you, patience is a virtue because crops don’t all ripen at the same time ^^

  3. You have a magnificent area. The plants and trees are fruitful and thriving. Your flowers are beautiful.
    The creek that one man and Gibbs is in. is an enchanting piece of heaven. It must be a refreshing treat.
    I’m sending positive thoughts for Gibbs to have a good report. He’s a gorgeous fellow.

  4. Playing in the stream sounds grand! I may have to try that tomorrow! Your garden is hanging in. Do you have a watering system, or do you get enough without? We got home today, and I’m a bit afraid to look at the cool season stuff, I am afraid that they are all a bust. It was pretty decent weather while we were gone, but no rain I think. Summer camp looks GREAT, hens surely do not enjoy heat and let us know it!

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