“weekend” beanies x2

Noz buys 01

Do you remember my mad yarn buying of April?  And how I immediately hooked up a beanie in that lovely Katia yarn on the left?   Well, I got out my hook and used the colour in the centre to hook up not one, but two, new beanies!  I have to say that I did grab another 2 balls of that particular colour on a return trip to the shop lol.  So I used approx 120g per beanie.


And here’s what that centre yarn looks like when crocheted.  Label said to use a size 7mm hook.  Beanie on the left was therefore done with a 7mm hook.  I started off with my circle, hooking in a spiral with half treble stitches until I had the correct diameter for head circumference.  Carried on with half treble until I had the required depth . . . and then did about 5 rounds in double crochet to make a “cuff”.

For the second beanie, on the right, I used an 8mm hook and simply did half treble all the time.


Here they are with the one I made in the more blue/purple yarn (also “Katia – weekend”). With the cuff folded, and then opened out to show difference in depth.


And modelled on two of my dummy heads.


I think I prefer this finish with a “cuff”.  It gives the beanie a much better shape and makes them look less like a skull-cap.   


17 thoughts on ““weekend” beanies x2

  1. You do! Wait until I wow you with the stitches I’ve been doing in the CAL this month though. I’ve been doing puff stitches, hooking into the front of the stitch only, the back of the stitch only and all sorts of other shenanigans. I won’t mention the fact that I have had to undo it about three times so far and start again – oops, just did.

    • I made my first beanies the other month, having bought a couple of MyBoshi kits in the sales. Soon realised all you need to know is: to begin, you need to crochet in a circle (I prefer spirals rather than to join each round) increasing by multiples of 6 until you have the required diameter (which is head circumference divided by 3.14). Then you just carry on crocheting, without further increases until the beanie measures the correct depth when laid flat (head circumference divided by 10 then multiplied by 4). If you want a cuff, you just crochet a few more rounds for required cuff turn over. Basically, with those 2 équations, you can crochet in any yarn on any hook as long as you do the maths as you go. I increased to 48 stitches when using the Katia yarn on a 7mm hook, but only needed 42 stitches for same head circumference when using an 8mm hook.

  2. Love that yarn! I bought the yarn called Katia Azteke for myself. The color is from white to dark grey. Now I´m knitting a cowl to warm me in the winter! I like your beanies!!!!

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