bookmarks and books

A thank you to Flo who remembered me on her travels, including to San Francisco,  and picked up some bookmarks to send my way.


And a couple of book titles to share with you today too.  I always like to read a couple of chapters just before bedtime, with my mug of hot chocolate . . . in recent months I had simply been re-reading old classics from my book shelves.  Then I got somewhat bored, so bought a couple of paperbacks, and renewed my subs at our local library.

One of the paperbacks I bought:


“Catch Me” by Lisa Gardner.  A nice thriller/suspense, which is my favourite kind of bedtime read.  Here’s a quick résumé:  What would you do if you knew the exact date and time of your death?  For Charlie Grant, this will be on 21st January at 8pm . . . in 4 days time.  Exactly like her two best friends.  And Charlie wants Inspector DD Warren of the Boston Police to be in charge of the investigation.  Already tied up with a pedophile murder case, DD accepts, but as soon as she starts looking into the young woman’s past, her gut instinct tells her that Charlie is hiding something.  

And from the library


“You’re Mine Now” – Hans Koppel.  Original title : “Kom ska vi tycka om varandra”

This was on the “thriller/crime” shelf, and was a good read but a different style of writing.   The main character is Anna, and the story-line . . . Anna should never have slept with Erik.  Anna is happily married to Magnus, they have a daughter, and Anna soon begins to regret her brief fling.  Erik is a dangerous psychopath and, before she knows it, not only is she being stalked, but her family is in danger.


11 thoughts on “bookmarks and books

  1. I do love reading about stalker psychopaths just before I nod off at night 😉
    Seriously though, I have read a few novels in the ‘thriller’ genre recently as I was fed up with most of the contemporary novels I usually read being a bit depressing and not exactly page turners. The trouble with that is I say ‘I’ll just read a chapter out in the garden with my cuppa’ (or glass of wine depending on the day and time) and then, an hour or so later, I’m still there.

    • the good things about the Swedish novel – chapters are very short, so it is easy to say “I’ll just read another chapter” and then turn out the light.

    • ooh goodie! yes, a bit of a scare in bed, is a lovely way to end the day. I also love forensic science crime novels (the Dr Scarpetta series for example).

  2. Claire, we have similar tastes in reading material – I shall be looking for the Hans Koppel book … he’s a new name to me – thanks for the heads up. I also like to read at bedtime. That’s a fine selection of bookmarks from Flo – I am curious about what you do with your bookmark collection. 🙂

    • in the beginning I took time to slide bookmarks into photo albums with some sort of “sorting strategy”. Now I have too many to do that lol. So, I have a some small plastic storage boxes where I keep all the handmade ones together, another box for the shop-bought souvenir type ones, and a third box for all the freebie/advertising ones. I do chop and change the bookmark I use in my bedside reading book, so some get used for their real purpose.

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