Gibbs – 9 months


36 kilos of puppy as Gibbs continues to fill out and celebrates his 9 month birthday today.  Sadly, today he’s actually wearing the cone of shame, and looks like this.IMGP3052

He had a growth (wart-like) not far from his eye which we (and vet) deemed preferable to remove.  That was done on 30th May and the excised “bit” has been sent off to a specialised lab for a biopsy.  Fingers crossed that it’ll be something benign.  In the meantime, Gibbs has to wear his cone, until stitches come out on 10th June.

And then he’ll be free to play with canine friends again . . . for example, with Petra, SIL’s dog (photo taken before the op – you can just see the growth)


or with Moka, our neighbour’s chocolate Labrador.

Gibbs and Moka


23 thoughts on “Gibbs – 9 months

  1. Poor Gibbs – those cones do drive the dogs (and us) crazy don’t they? I’m sure it’s not going to be anything dodgy – he’s a young, healthy chap. Your SIL’s dog is a beautiful girl too.

    • yep fingers crossed, but vet said Flats are prone to all sorts of cancer, even when young. Petra is a lovely dog. Heinz 57 but adorable, and getting on a bit in years now.

  2. What a beeyootiful boy! Poor thing, trying to cope with the Cone of Shame, a nasty rattly thing that gets in the way and makes everything sound too loud. He’s going to be so relieved when it comes off!

  3. He is gorgeous! I wouldn’t think of a 36kg dog as a pup anymore though 😂 but I guess I still call my 3yo dog a pup so I can’t really say anything 😊 I hope his growth is nothing serious

    • he won’t be an adult until around 15 months in age, although he won’t grow much bigger, so yep, he’s still a pup (in his head).

  4. Oh the poor thing! Our little one had to have the cone of shame – except he’s four and it was entirely self inflicted! I hope everything is ok with the results.

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