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We’re having something of a heatwave in our corner of France.  Which makes me appear slightly mad, since I’m busily knitting my first sweater . . . as if it was sweater weather!

Here’s where I was up to last time I showed you.

knitting 02

Well since then, I have a back!

knitting 03

Sorry about the colour in second photo, which makes things look so grey.  True colours are like in the first photo.  Anyway, I managed my decreasing and casting off as instructed to shape the neckline on back.  I’ve now begun work on the front.

Realising however, that even if I finish this sweater soon, I won’t be wearing it until the autumn . . . and that summer clothes are more what’s needed at this time of year.

tunic mai

I pulled out one of my favourite patterns (NewLook 6086) which I have tried and tested several times.  Chose a “difficult” piece of fabric though.  No idea what it is exactly.  Suffice it to say it’s very light, floaty and slippy.  I did French seams and also made my own binding for neck and armholes.

tunic mai 01 zoom

tunic mai 02

And voilà the result!

tunic mai 03

A lovely simple sleeveless tunic.  Long enough to cover my bum.  The perfect match for my new trousers (couldn’t resist: bargain price at our local discount store, Noz).  I have another tunic in the making, in an equally floaty, slippy fabric . . . so stay tuned.  Gibbs approves, but I’m a little worried about his playful antics and teeth.  He does like to tug on my clothes . . . let’s hope he doesn’t tug too hard on my new tunic!


20 thoughts on “knitting & sewing

  1. I don’t usually knit past April/May either but, due to the crochet bug we’ve both caught, I did find myself sweltering under a couple of hundred grammes of yarn last night even though I was only wearing shorts and a t-shirt. Your tunic is pretty and I can see that Gibbs would love a nibble.

  2. love the tunic, I am impressed that you so calmly dealt with the fabric, I have a hard time with that kind. As for the sweater – if you want to wear it in the fall, keep knitting! It looks great, and you will love having it then.

    • “calmly” is relative ^^ I have made this pattern in normal cotton, then in satin de coton, and this time in something which is probably 100% polyester. Very slippy to cut and sew, but I just took my time.

  3. You and Gibbs look fab Claire! The back is looking great…yesterday I was knitting wool in a heat wave…seems like it happens every summer, regardless! Thankfully, we had a thunderstorm this afternoon that is still spitting, so I have to replace the shorts with pants!

  4. Beautiful knitting! I’m also knitting wool socks–definitely not what is needed when it is sweltering out. That is a lovely top! I like longer lengths for myself. Well done!!

    • this should come down to cover hips (I hope) but with a 3/4 sleeve. I usually like big baggy sweaters too, but for my first attempt, this one should be fine.

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