best layer of the month #May

egg photo 01

We have had a really hot month of May, with temperatures shooting above 30°C and breaking records for hottest temperatures (for the time of year) over the last 70 years!  My hens don’t like the really hot weather.  It either puts them off their laying or it makes them go all broody . . . and as a result, the egg-count is down this Month.  A total of only 45.

Miranda 9;  Miss Marple 16 and Miss Moneypenny, the winner yet again, with 20.

On a brighter note, the hot weather has meant lots of fruit ripening.  We’ve been stuffing our faces with home-grown strawberries, and also with cherries, from our orchard.


Last year weather was really wet and we didn’t see a proper cherry harvest, so this year, we’re making the most of it.  I’ve already got some stashed away in the freezer, so I can make some delicious fruit crumbles this winter . . . we’’re going to eat the rest fresh as they come.


11 thoughts on “best layer of the month #May

    • yep Miss Moneypenny is brooding this week. I’m not expecting any eggs from her in June as she usually takes brooding very seriously. She can sit for weeks .

  1. Hurray for Miss Mineypenny! Do you do anything to keep the birds out of your cherries? We have a dwarf cherry tree with lots of cherries, but last year the birds are every one of them before they ripened! (They must really be pigs in sparrow costumes!!)

  2. Yay for the fruit! One of our Astralorps finally gave up being broody in the last couple of days. We have plenty of chickens right now, so we took all of her eggs away every day. Maybe next year we will let her. She is my favorite as even when she is broody, she is docile and now she waits for us to get eggs from under her and give her some attention. The rest just want food and very little attention. Egg laying has slowed down a bit as the temperatures have been up and down from low 40s at night to highs of upper 70s to low 90s F.

  3. Cherry crumble with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!! Yum!! When I was a kid my mother planted strawberries. After a year or two we had more strawberries than we knew what to do with!!

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