amigurumi – Roary the tiger

A while back, I showed you a crochet project in progress

tiger WIP

And am now very proud to show you the finish . . .

amigurumi roary 08

There he is . . . very well camouflaged, and hiding in the wild poppies . . .

amigurumi roary 05

amigurumi roary 06

amigurumi roary 09

amigurumi roary 02

amigurumi roary 03

I used Stylecraft Special DK yarn, and a 3.5mm hook.  On hindsight, I could have used a 3mm hook for a tighter weave, but I am rather pleased with my little tiger.  He sits up nicely, all by himself, just like he’s supposed to, with the rear legs & tail to make sure he doesn’t topple over.  While making him, his head seemed HUGE, which it is, but . . . that’s all part of his charm.  He measures 15cm high, in this sitting position.

Anyway, in case you’re interested, this pattern is by A Morning Cup of Jo and is one of the 15 designs in the book “Zoomigurumi” (the first in the series).

Zoomi 01


20 thoughts on “amigurumi – Roary the tiger

    • yes monkey is on my “to do” list but he’s one of the more Advanced patterns. Tiger was an “easy” pattern.

  1. He’s adorable!! i wish i could crochet but I think its just not for me, i went to a class and the teacher lost her patience with me and it put me off from going, i think needle and thread is better for me

    • I taught myself only a few months ago. With a couple of books and then watching videos on youtube. Took a while to get the knack, but I have a strong stubborn streak ^^

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