Abby & Ducky – 2 years

Oops, I missed birthday celebrations for our two youngest cats: the sister & brother act, Abby and Ducky.  They turned two a few days ago. 

Ducky was in the wars on the day.

ducky swollen

Can you see?  Swollen face on the right side.  That was the only visible symptom.  We figured he’s either been stung by an insect, or had an abces.  Quick vet’s visit the next day, even though the swelling had gone down – it was an insect sting.  Probably bee or wasp.  Anyway, he’s right as rain now.

And here’s Abby

abby may 01

In one of her favourite spots on a little wall. 

abby may 02

abby may 03

And a couple more photos of pretty colours . . .


These little flowers growing in abundance, mixing in with the ivy . . . and in our neighbour’s garden

wild poppies

Which I suddenly realised were, what is known as “Wild Poppy”, therefore the colour inspiration for one of my current stitching projects!  Stitching with the colour “Wild Poppies” by Threadworx – what a coincidence!

CdesT stage 4 03


9 thoughts on “Abby & Ducky – 2 years

  1. I do love a tabby! Just as well really as I have four variations on the theme.
    I know the orange/yellow poppy as a California Poppy but I guess it can be wild too 😉

    • yes tabbies seem to be everywhere! although my daughter (in Leamington Spa, UK), has been fostering cats of late and had quite a few black & white (or white & black) in her care.

  2. That first photo of Abby is frame worthy, such an expression of contentment!
    On another subject, I received a delightful surprise from France in the mail yesterday! THANK YOU!!! The fabric basket is gorgeous and has pride of place on my desk/work table where I can see it all the time, and I love the magazine. I’m going to stitch a few of those! You are a dear!

  3. love those kitties! They look very happy and content. Well, Ducky looks like he’d rather not have been stung by a bee, but otherwise content. 🙂

    Pretty flowers!

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