never too young

I firmly believe that, with crafting, we are never too young (or old) to learn.  Take me, for instance.  53 years young before I dared teach myself to crochet, and I’m having a ball.

Well, our neighbours have a 7 year old daughter: Cléo.  Cléo has seen me crocheting, and she also knows I do other crafts.  For Easter, I gave her one of the little owlet purses which I’ve already showed you.

owl purse x3

The dark teal one was for Cléo.  Well, imagine my surprise (and pleasure) when Cléo had a little sewing session with her Mum and gave me


a little owlet in return!  This little owl is made in felt, and I’ve called her Emerald.  She’s hanging up in my sewing room.  Anyway . . . Cléo also asked if I could teach her to sew. 

Well, I don’t know about you, but when a child shows an interest in handicrafts, I think it should immediately be encouraged.  Cléo therefore spent a crafty morning with me, on my Juki (oh yes, I let her use the good sewing machine lol) and made these.

cleo sewing 01

Now, Cléo is only 7, so I did all the cutting.  However, these are Cléo’s choices of fabric & felt (after a long rummage through my scrap bags) and she did all the sewing.  Here are the backs, where you can the sewing more clearly

cleo sewing 02

The two pink bookmarks were the first ones Cléo made . . . and we had Juki on the slowest speed setting.  Cléo wanted to go a bit faster on the turquoise & blue one, so I let her push the lever up a notch.  Hihi, she soon discovered that even going a tiny bit faster made it more difficult to keep those seams nice and straight.  And agreed that “tortoise pace” is perfect for a 7 year old beginner sewer.

These bookmarks, obviously, were made as gifts for Cléo herself, and her deserving parents.  I have reassured her that she is welcome to come round, whenever she wants, for more sewing lessons, and to make gifts for other members of her family.  If she has a patient streak, then I’ve also promised to teach her to cross stitch but sewing gives more immediate results so I’ll understand if she prefers to continue with sewing.


25 thoughts on “never too young

  1. wow.. what a happy crafting session with a child.. and happy to see that you are crocheting Claire.. and yes.. never too old/ young to learn anything. keep the spirit of learning up.. 🙂

    • you know yourself, how satisfying it is to teach someone else a craft, to pass on knowledge and share the pleasure.

    • yes I’ve got some 11 count aida in my stash, which will be perfect for Cléo to learn on. Mind you, my own kids learned to xstitch when they were only around the same age and I started them on 14 count.

    • didn’t she do well? A bit “pink” for my liking but that’s her favourite colour ^^ Her Dad is jolly Lucky he didn’t get a pink bookmark too.

      • yes I suppose it is, although I never liked pînk as a child, I do remember my daughter had a pink & black phase when she was about 8 or 9.

  2. What a lovely story! It’s always good to see young ones want to do something creative, and she’s lucky to have you as a neighbour! Here’s to many more special sewing mornings!

    • oh there will be plenty more, especially this summer. Cléo’s Mum is expecting a new baby soon, so Cléo wants to make something for the baby next.

  3. What a fun morning for both of you! I have wonderful memories of my girls sitting on my lap to sew their first 9 patch pillows…wonderful that Cleo is interested i. Learning from you….and I love the little owl she made for you! How very sweet!

    • well my daughter (23 now) started cross stitching aged about 6 and is far better than me now. So I’m hoping Cléo takes to either sewing or cross stitch too.

    • I never use my machine’s top speed and prefer to do everything at a leisurely pace (except for overlocking) so I did explain to Cléo it’s all about enjoyment not going fast.

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