best layer of the month #April


“Thirty days hath September, April, June and November . . . “ another month has flown by, and yesterday being the 30th April, I did the egg count for the month.

Mind you, before I give you the score, I have to show you this little egg.



I got rather a surprise when I found that.  I know young hens can be prone to laying tiny eggs, when they begin laying, but my gals are all getting on for 3 years old, so I’m used to finding standard eggs, weighing between 55g – 80g (depending on the hen).  This little one was a pathetic excuse for an egg.  When I cracked it open it contained an egg white, with only a teeny tiny splodge of yolk.  Seeing the colour of shell, it was a Miss Moneypenny egg. I am happy to say, she hasn’t laid any more like it.  And in fact, Miss Moneypenny is the best layer of April! 

She laid a total of 25 eggs this month (if I count the above), while the other two gals lagged behind.  Miss Marple laid 19 and Miranda laid only 14 eggs.  Still, that’s a total of 58 eggs for April.  Plenty for us, but the neighbours aren’t getting any free eggs at the moment.


2 thoughts on “best layer of the month #April

  1. Our hens just quit for awhile, then it seemed we got either giant eggs or those teeny ones. They do get a bit erratic as they age, don’t they? Hurray for Miss Moneypenny!

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