slouchy myboshi beanie

Having mastered the art of following a basic crochet pattern, hooking in the round, and managing not to drop or add stitches willy nilly . . . I splashed out and bought a couple of crochet kits.  Splashed out isn’t quite the word, because I snapped up two kits, that were in the Sales half price.  My motto – never pay full price when you can get a bargain.

One of the kits bought was this.  I suspect it was reduced because of the colour, rather than the style.  It’s very red!


Ref: CR063K.  Kit comes with pattern (in English, French & Italian), 3 x 50g of myboshi yarn, a myboshi label and a 6mm hook.  First impressions . . . hook & yarn are excellent quality.  The pattern . . . claims on the packaging that this is suitable for beginners (of which I am one)  but I felt it could have been written more clearly.

Pattern called for (UK terms) double crochet and half treble.  Also recommended stitching in round, using slip stitch and chain at the end of each round, but I chose to crochet in a spiral (as I’ve learned to do with amigurumi). 

After many false starts (during which I tried to get to grips with the instructions, and then just decided to do it my way) . . . I ended up with


A slouchy beanie . . .


which, in my opinion, looked absolutely HUGE.  I’d followed instructions and crocheted the correct number of rounds.  Beanie was quite a good fit around the head (so I don’t think it was a problem of tension), but there was just too much “slouching” going on.

After modelling on eldest son, who came up for Easter . . . I therefore unravelled 5 rounds and the slouch now looks like this


Probably a little less of a slouch than in the kit photo . . . but eldest son said this was more like it. You will notice, this isn’t eldest son modelling the beanie.  A shame, because it looked rather good on him.  No, I’ve acquired a head . . . actually a couple of heads lol.

I mentioned to my brother-in-law that I was going to be hooking beanies, and asked if he happened to have a spare dummy head in his garage.  If you knew my brother-in-law, you’d know this request is not strange at all.  He has the wierdest of things in his garage . . . and he just happened to have a head. 

Head which was originally a practice head for apprentice hairdressers . . . but had obviously seen better days because hair was hacked off unevenly.  I got out the electric clippers and shaved everything off.

GI Jane

And GI-Jane is therefore the one to be modelling the slouchy.

However . . . I had also seen some cheap plastic heads on sale on the internet.  Bought one . . . and got a huge surprise when my parcel arrived because seller sent me two for the price of one!


Two heads are better than one, as they say . . . and three are even better – yay.


I’m rather pleased with this trio.  They don’t all have the same head circumference.  I’ve placed them in order of size (left to right) so all will come in useful at some point as models.  Yep, you’ve guessed . . . I’m suddenly enthusiastic about beanies!  Adult kids and partners have already been warned (after the Adopt-a-chick scheme) . . . they’ll all be getting beanies for Christmas lol.


16 thoughts on “slouchy myboshi beanie

  1. I think your pattern change was spot on. I always feel like the slouchy ones are falling off my head. Granted, my hair is on the slick side, but I think many patterns go overboard on the slouch. Make sure you put those heads away so they don’t scare you in the dark!

  2. The hat is really nice, I like the color – but what really has me giggling is the brother in law’s garage! LOL I’m imagining every sort of odd request that he just nods and says “Yeah I got that”! 😀

    • I kid you not ^^ And if he doesn’t already have it, he can always get it! He goes to a huge flea market every Sunday, and whenever we want/need something out of the ordinary, we just ask and he usually finds it. Very useful to have someone like that living close by, I can tell you!

  3. I’ve been to hairdressers like that!
    Your brother’s garage sounds a bit like mine – I have heads and whole bodies too.
    I must do something in the round next time as I’ve only done borders and blankets so far and I can’t let you get ahead of me in the beginner crochet section 😉

    • all I’ve done so far has been in the round, so I now need to tackle some borders & blankets ^^
      I’m actually looking at cardigan patterns on Red Heart, at the moment, wondering if I’m up to something like that . . . but then all the future beanies keep calling and the amigurumi . . . there’s just so much I want to attempt and not enough hours in every day.

  4. Oh I love your heads! How convenient to have someone in the family that collects all things! I love your beanie too. You are becoming quite proficient in your new craft!

    • well I’m discovering that crochet isn’t as difficult as I thought. And now wondering why I waited so long to get up the courage to try it.

  5. I think red is a good colour for a beanie: it’s a ‘warm’ colour, and it’s hard to lose! If you only knew how many navy and black beanies have gone missing round here (for the Husband, winter night shift gets very cold out at the mines, and he likes one to wear under his hard hat), and red would have meant it could be located easily!

  6. Well done! I´m very used to both knit and crochet when the instructions is in Swedish, but know I´m working on a project (knitting and crochet) where the instructions are in English and that, my friend, is a big challenge! So when you think you´ve done it all……try a Swedish instruction 🙂

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