adopt-a-chick # amigurumi

I had so much fun, earlier this month, hooking up a whole batch of chicks.  I know . . . little things . . .  Anyway, after my first little amigurumi chick, in March, I decided that my adult off-spring (and partners) would get a laugh if I sent them one for Easter . . . so I did.

The “Adopt-a-chick” scheme began to take shape in my head and here’s what I got up to.

adopt a chick boxed 01

This photo, just for fun . . . but the following photo is an example of what was sent

adopt a chick boxed 02

Each chick was boxed up with enough chocolate money to stop them from starving to death during transportation . . . and, as you can see, they all hatched before Easter Sunday.  Each chick was also posted with an adoption certificate – duly filled out with the name of adoptive parent and name of chick.

And I tried to personalise each chick, for the person I was sending to.

adopt a chick

Here is the batch I hooked . . . short hair for the men, long hair for the gals, except for that one with a mane of red hair . . . that’s a boy chick, called Rufus, and he was made for second son.  If I show you the following photo, you’ll understand why.



24 thoughts on “adopt-a-chick # amigurumi

  1. What a great idea Claire – a truly original Easter gift, I bet it raised a lot of smiles. I love the Rufus one’s pre-Raphaelite mane – just like the original 😉

  2. Claire, your creativity is so wonderful! Those chicks were just too precious, I may have to steal this idea, it is way better than sending my girls photos of baby chicks when we get them!

    • second son wanted to know why his Rufus didn’t have a matching beard too . . . I told him chicks were too young to grow facial hair lol.

  3. What a fantastic idea! I loved these when you first made one, and what a wonderful gift for Easter time! I love your personalisation and such thoughtfulness that went into it!

    • my way of learning is to do & repeat until I get it right ^^ Chicks aren’t perfect, but I gained in confidence and dexterity as I went.

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