“Live Simply” happy dance

In March, I had a happy dance, having finished off a cross stitch design: “Live Simply”, a kit by Dimensions.  However, that was just the happy dance for a finished stitching . . . the real full-flung happy dance happened this month.

Live simply finish 01

Live Simply finish 02

I have made a lap top case for my niece, N.  Her parents gave her a Notebook PC for Christmas, and she had asked if I could make a protective cover for it . . . so I did lol.  Some simple piecing on the front, and some freestyle quilting.

It’s just a simple pouch, but I added handles so it can be carried like a bag, and a couple of large poppers to make sure it stays shut.


23 thoughts on ““Live Simply” happy dance

  1. Hi- I don’t normally post to blogs because most require a gmail account. I have been following your blog with email updates, so this is my first “comment”. I must say, that is a most beautiful bag you made for your neice. I am certain she will love it; I do.

    I don’t do as much cross-stitching as I used to do, [I have early-onset glaucoma.], however, I still enjoy following blogs and seeing what others are stitching.

    Thank you so much for sharing.

    Giselle Cape Breton Island, Canada ________________________________

    • Hello Gisele,
      thanks ever so much for your comment. Yes, I gave the bag to my niece today, and she loved it. I really enjoyed making it too.

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