oh what a beautiful week!

I don’t know about you, but weather in our corner of France has been amazing this week!  For early April, you could easily be mistaken into thinking it was summer.  Skies have been blue, the sun has been out every day and I have been sitting out in the garden in my summer clothes!  Yes!  Sleeveless tunics, dashing bright orange knee-length leggings.  Sunglasses definitely called for.

Husband has been very industrious in the veggie patch, but I haven’t taken any photos of his plantations yet.  He’s planted 18 tomato plants, 6 brocoli, 3 fennel, and hopes to get more plants in this coming week.  Seeds planted (radish & roquette) are already sprouting, but my beetroot haven’t come up yet.  Strawberry plants are in flower, raspberries bushes are budding . . . and cherry, apricot, and pear trees have all blossomed and mini fruits are in preparation. 

Everything seems incredibly early this year!  Even the Lily of the Valley is showing signs of buds.


And just look at these lovely  lilac blooms


Anyway, as I said, I’ve been sitting out in the garden, but keeping hands busy.  My most recent crochet project is


A little owl necklace purse – yay!  This is a design by the very talented Janine Holmes of Moji-Moji Designs.  You can find the pattern for this project in her free tutorials. 

This little fellow only took a few hours to make, and I’m a beginner crocheter.  As usual, I immediately set to work making more . . .


Colours aren’t very good in the photo.  After the purple one, I’ve begun work on a dark teal and a lilac.  The main work is done.  Just need to make eyes, beaks and assemble. 

Another reason it’s been a beautiful week . . . I celebrated my un-birthday!


Received this surprise haul from Jess.  One of her cards (she designs and sells cards and cross stitch designs on Etsy) and some lovely bookmarks.  Somes with views of Guernesey (where Jess now lives) and one, is a metallic Korean bookmark.


Ever so pretty!  So a big thank you Jess !!


11 thoughts on “oh what a beautiful week!

  1. Oooh, muguet! One of my favourite smells! My sister has it too, in her garden in Eymet. I haven’t seen it grown here in Australia, and certainly not in this climate. And your lilacs are magnificent!

  2. Lily of the Valley and Lilacs!! It must smell like heaven at your house!! I could breathe that air for hours and hours! The owl purses are adorable! 😀

  3. We’ve been basking in sunshine down here in the South-West too! When I go to let the chooks out in the mornings the air smells divine with the lilac blossom. I would bring some inside but I think it’s bad luck – not that I’m overly superstitious but I don’t like tempting fate :/
    Love your owls – you’re going great guns with the hook. I have finished my blanket – oh, those ends to be woven in ! – and it is on my workroom floor on top of a yoga mat being blocked. Time for show and tell soon.

  4. It sounds heavenly! We have had a few warm days – were able to sit out on the screened porch, because we put plexiglass in the windows this year, to keep the snow out. It keeps the sunshine warmth in as well! Snow is mostly gone, but not all – remnants of snow banks remain where the plow pile was, and on the north side of the house where it came off the roof. No signs yet of buds, but a sprig of forsythia I brought in has bloomed in pretty yellow, so I know it is just a few weeks away…

    • I think Spring is my favourite season because everything is just brimming with life. And yes, your little sprig of forsythia is there to tell you, that the better weather is on its way ^^

    • this was an interesting project to work on as it involved hooking in front loop for one row, and then there were the decreases, plus making the smaller bits for facial features.

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