Gibbs – 7 months and a blankie


Gibbs is now 7 months and still growing.  Last week, he weighed in at 28 kilos ^^ 



He’s gorgeously glossy, and really is an incredibly good-natured & intelligent dog.  We’ve had only one naughty episode this month – where Gibbs managed to get his nose in a chocolate cake (husband’s fault – you don’t leave chocolate cake on the table when you have a puppy), but I stopped him before he’d had a chance to wolf too much down (chocolate being toxic for dogs).   However, after a quick call to vet’s . . . seeing dog weight and portion of cake size eaten, there was nothing to worry about.

Apart from that, he’s been no trouble at all.  He’s getting on well with the cats, who no longer run & hide each time they see him . . . and basically, slowly growing out of puppy antics to become a proper adult dog.

He’s not too keen on rides in the car . . . so I decided to try and make things more comfortable.  Thought, if he had a “blankie” then car rides might be easier.  He has a soft bear that he loves carrying around in his mouth, and takes to bed with him.  So I thought he might also grow attached to a blankie.


Quilting is a bit rough & ready (meaning wonky in places) but I don’t think Gibbs is going to complain.


Made using a pack of 4” square prints I received for Christmas, an old cot sheet and some cheap plain blue cotton.  It is no doubt destined to be covered in mud & dog hair, I therefore did everything by machine, including the last sewing on binding.  Measures approx 44” x 34”. 

27 thoughts on “Gibbs – 7 months and a blankie

  1. I’m sure Gibbs won’t mind any wonky bits on his lovely blanket. I love the way retrievers like to carry softies around in their mouths with them – I know it’s their breeding coming out but it always looks so cute. My dogs chew any softies up – all toys have to be made of stern stuff otherwise they are toast after 5 minutes. We’ve only ever had one dog who didn’t like cars and, if it was ever necessary to take him anywhere, he would have evacuated at both ends within 5 minutes. He grew out of it eventually. Gibbs does indeed look like a magnificently healthy, happy dog even though he tried to sabotage all your good work with a helping of chocolate cake!

    • yes that retriever instinct definitely runs deep. Gibbs is constantly picking thing up and carrying them in his mouth. You can see, from the way he holds and wags his tail, that’s he’s very proud when he’s got something in his mouth. What he likes the most is to hold on to his lead, during walks as if he was the one taking us for a walk lol.

  2. I have it on good authority that dogs prefer wonky sewing! A lovely blankie and he will love making a nes with it. He akes a good picture for a black dog. My last spaniel was black and he didn’t!

  3. He looks like a picture of health and vitality, just like in the old PAL adverts. Another great finish. I’m sure he’ll soon be happy to curl up in his own quilt. I wouldn’t have been able to resist chocolate cake if it was left lying around either.

  4. What a handsome boy!! I made a crochet blanket from scraps that Laylee, my Australian Cattle Dog sleeps with every night! My other dog Boris is very tall and he managed to eat half of a lemon cake that was cooling on the counter when he was a few months older than Gibbs! He is a lucky pup to have such a thoughtful and creative human mama! 😀

    • he does seem to like soft/fabric things. Not to chew up, just to chew on, or simply to drag around, so I’m hoping he’ll soon adopt his blankie.

  5. I bet Gibbs loves his blankie after a while. I knit a blanket for Max out of some chunky yarn I receiveed as a gift, and it too, awhile, but he lays on it all the time now. We did the chocolate thing, and several others….hydogen peroxide works well when necessary! yuck!
    Happy 7 months to Gibbs, he really does look like a sweet boy!

  6. He’s gorgeous! I’m sure that having the comfort of a familiar blankie in the car will help to sooth him. My dogs get very nervous in the truck because of all the new noises, and also because truck rides always ended somewhere unpleasant, like the vet. Last summer we took them to the lake, and after that they were pretty excited about the truck 🙂

  7. Gibbs is a lucky pup to have his own hand made quilt. :). Looks great. And I agree with the others. Even a ride in the car that doesn’t go to the vet really helps. Our Roxie wouldn’t get in the car unless we actually lifted her in. ( she’s a 70lb Doberman) and can be a bit stubborn lol. Trips to the park and just out and about and she was jumping in on her own. 🙂 Good luck

    • yes we need to take him for more short drives out. Problem with living in the countryside, is we can easily get to nice secluded areas for walks on foot.

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