easter bunnies amigurumi x2

It’s that time of year . . . when the birds are starting to nest, flowers up budding up everywhere, and shops start to have window displays of lucious chocolate many in the shape of bunnies.

I decided to work on some calory-free bunnies of my own . . . following a pattern by Yum Yarn Crochet Creations available for free on Ravelry.

Easter ami 03

Hooking up, first one in baby pink, and then a boy bunny in blue.

Easter ami01

I used the same brand of yarn for both (something bought in a local bargain basement store – 100% acylic) and a 3mm hook for both . . . for some reasion, my tension was tighter (and actually better) on the first one I made: little pink bunny, and got a bit looser on little boy-blue. 

Ears were very fiddly to make but not impossible, and I actually love them.  They’re such a lovely, bunny-ear shape.  So these two little projects to get me into training to tackle something a bit bigger/more complicated.  I haven’t attempted any colour changes yet, so that will be the next thing to try.


19 thoughts on “easter bunnies amigurumi x2

  1. Love those little faces! Do you think you’ll get a copy of the Edwards Menagerie book lots of people make amigurumi from? I must admit I’m tempted even though I'[m not really keen on making ‘toys’ – mine usually end up looking like anything but what they’re supposed to look like due to my impatience with stuffing.
    I’m nearing the end of my crochet blanket so I’ll let you know how I cope with weaving in all those ends as there is a colour change on every row – EEK! I’m not looking forward to it.

    • Edwards Menagerie will probably go on my xmas list, in case any of my off-spring are at a loss for ideas. Nope, I’ll be buying myself the complete set of Zoomigurumi books. They contain patterns by different people, so there’s a fair bit of variety.

    • yes, I have problems with faces, and getting a “cute” expression. I think eyes maybe need to be closer to nose or something, I’m not quite sure ^^

    • this is true Kathy! tension is getting better, although I still can’t work out why the blue one was so much bigger than the pink one.

  2. Very cute! My sister is looking for something like this for Easter so I’m going to share this with her! Where she find the time with 5 children under the age of 5 I don’t know but anyway!

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