“better late than never” quilt


A happy dance here, as I finally finished the quilt for my sister.  Originally aiming for her birthday in February, hence the name.

Finished size is 44” by 58” so it’s a nice size for her to fling over the back of her 2-seater sofa.


I was very pleased with how it turned out, but I’m still not a great fan of the colour palette.  Still, sister asked for black, red & “silver” which is the colour-scheme in her living room.  I think I met the brief.


23 thoughts on ““better late than never” quilt

    • it’s not so much not “liking” the colours . . . rather it’s very modern and minimalist (for me) and wouldn’t look good anywhere in our house, which is so totally uncoordinated. I do like the end result, but I had no regrets posting it off lol. Sister thinks it’s brilliant.

  1. that looks beautiful, I am sure she will love it and not mind the date. 🙂 Isn’t it funny how we can work with any colors, but some sing to us and some just don’t? Even though they match beautifully and look nice together?

    • yes when I look in my fabric stash I have lots of greens, purples and turquoise . . . but not much red, black & grey (had to buy this fabric especially).

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