happy unbirthdays in March

Three more of my blogging friends celebrated their unbirthdays in March – I expect you all did, but unfortunately, I can only send a few gifts each month lol.

The three unbirthday gals this month received something hand-made, using some very elegant fabric vignette prints.

unbirthday March x3

To Lilubelle, I sent this one

unbirthday Lilubelle 01

It has 4 wooden (curtain) rings and is a thread sorter but can also be used as a needle keep since the fabric is wadded on both sides. 

unbirthday Lilubelle 02

To salpal and Lucy, I sent the following

unbirthday salpal et Lucy

Only one wooden ring (I thought this was useful to hang them up) and on the back

unbirthday Salpal and Lucy 02

some plastic crochet markers and some prettier beaded knitting markers.

Since I started learning to crochet, I’m finding these little crochet markers to be invaluable, and I imagine the knitting markers come in useful too.  I didn’t make the lovely beaded markers, but bought them on Etsy from Just By Mimi.


19 thoughts on “happy unbirthdays in March

    • you’re welcome Lucy ^^ I have made several for myself, and use the wadded part to keep my needle safe, as well as looping threads on the hoops. Perfect for projects with not too many colours.

  1. I was so excited to get a package in the mail and I love my new stitch markers. I did not have any of the locking kind, and I have a pattern that specifically calls for them, so I am impressed that you knew that! I love the little handmade markers, too, and how neatly they stay organized on the sweet holder. Thank you, Claire, you are so thoughtful!

    • lol well I saw that the little plastic ones are required for crochet, otherwise the marker gets stitched into the project. I’m assuming the beaded ones are speciifically for knitting, since the work travels from one needle to the other so markers don’t get knitted in.

      • yes, the beaded ones are or knitting – the locking ones an be used for onything, I think – for instance, if you need to count repeats, you can attach one to your knitting each time you finish the last row – or if you need to mark an area to measure from so that sleeves are the same or something, they won’t fall out like other markers will. 🙂

  2. These look useful and pretty too. I haven’t crocheted anything that has called for stitch markers yet but, looking ahead, I did order some of those little plastic jobbies and somebody sent me some beaded ones on the Stitching Santa at Christmas so I am prepared.

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