“Live Simply” – a finish and a new start

Live simply finished

I’m having a happy dance with a lovely bright piece of stitching.  “Live simply” a Dimensions kit that I snapped up on the sewandso January sale for just over £2.  I can never resist a bright project, and at that price, well . . .

This piece has been stitched with a small patchwork project in mind . . . more on that when I get round to it.

In the meantime, a finish means I was allowed to rummage in my stash drawer in search of a new start.  I’ve gone for something completely different.

Victorian house

Another Dimensions kit: “Victorian Charm”.  This kit was a gift from N and 2nd second son, for Christmas 2015, so it’s been sitting my in stash drawer a while.  I’m a little apprehensive about it.  I have more than 20 years of cross stitching under my belt, so I’m not worried about the details, heaps of colour changes, blending of threads and backstitch . . . it’s the fabric I’m apprehensive about.  Kit comes with 18 count dark navy aida and my eyes aren’t as good as they used to be.  Then again, if I don’t tackle it now, then it’ll sit in the drawer for even longer!  I did contemplate swapping for a lighter aida, but then the night sky won’t be as effective.  So, nevermind about the dark navy . . . I’ll just have to be methodical, and take things slowly.  By my estimation, this could keep me busy probably all through the Spring and the Summer!


24 thoughts on ““Live Simply” – a finish and a new start

    • The most daunting part is making a start lol. Once a few stitches are in you just follow the chart. It’s easier than crochet lol

  1. Great looking finished piece! So nice and cheery.

    The last piece I did on navy I ended up using a light underneath it so that I could see the holes in the aida cloth better. Maybe that would help you? It will be beautiful when you are done with it.

  2. Love the Live Simply piece, it’s really cheerful and charming. With the navy aida, I can only suggest a really good LED magnifying lamp and limiting the time you spend on it each day to save your eyes…

    • have actually decided I’m going to start with the roof and work my way down. Parts of roof are white though, so I’ll start there.

      • Light has become such a big issue for me in the past year, I hate all the time I waste adjusting! 😡 I think once you start, the design will mellow the cloth and it won’t bother you, at least I hope so!

  3. Love your cross stitch. It’s very bright. You always pick a fantastic project to stitch your needlework into :). The Victorian charm is a gorgeous piece.

    • I’m not looking forward to the trees either which is why I’m going to start on the roof ^^ Hoping by the time I get to the trees, I’ll be so close to the end that I’ll find the motivation.

  4. I love the bright spring cross stitch you completed. I love stitching bright colors. The Victorian piece will be a challenge, but you can do it. I get the bad eyes. Mine are not too good either. When I stitch downstairs I use a painting light and I love it b/c I can see…and of course my readers. And yes, the dark aida, I hear you. I just finished a black and white stitched piece and the black stitching took a bit longer than the lighter stitches for sure. Good luck and I hope to see it when it’s completed. I’m new to the wordpress blogosphere so getting used to things and hope i can find you, although I hope following you will help me. My blog isn’t currently up yet…technical difficulties trying to figure out, but starting to read and I liked your blog! You go and stitch that piece!!

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