third time lucky #3 amigurumi . . . and . . . what a good-looking lad!

Okay everyone, this is the last time you’ll have to admire one of these owlets, I promise. 

amigurumi pink olw

Pattern by A Morning Cup of Jo, and downloadable on Ravelry.  This is my third attempt and this time, I feel I really have nailed it.  My owlet’s eyes are smaller and I’m still not an expert beak embroiderer, but those are minor details  It’s the crochet I was concentrating on. I’ve got the shape right, and the correct number of stitches & rows.  Successfully followed the pattern without having to unravel all the time. 

amigurumi owls X3

Here are my 3 owlets.  Attempts one, two and three.  I crocheted a little loop for them all using DMC Perle cotton, the idea being, to hang them in a tree in the orchard for photos. Unfortunately it was too breezey so I had to make do with laying them on a few logs.

My parliament of owls stands at three with this particular pattern therefore.  That’s not to say I won’t be crocheting more owls in the future.  In fact I will.  But they will be following different patterns.

Weather has been gorgeous these past few days. Gibbs has been enjoying lots of fresh air and play time.  And here is a photo I managed to snap, after one very energetic play session.

Gibbs 10 03 17

Okay, I know I’m his “Mum”, so I’m biaised . . . but I do think he’s a good-looking lad lol.


22 thoughts on “third time lucky #3 amigurumi . . . and . . . what a good-looking lad!

  1. Hopefully you’ll be able to transfer everything you learned with this pattern to the next one so you won’t need to build a menagerie for all your amigurumi creatures! That Gibbs is a very beautiful boy, and I love his intelligent face…

    • lol yes, I don’t plan on making everything 3 times, but for my first efforts, I thought it worth while (on such a small project) to persevere until I got it right. And yes! Gibbs does look intelligent, doesn’t he? And he is. Probably the most intelligent dog we’ve ever had, and we are amazed at how well his education is going.

  2. As you appear to be keen on amigurumi – will you be getting hold of a copy of the Edward’s Menagerie pattern book that has such cute beasties in it? I am tempted but, when I make things that need stuffing, I am usually disappointed with my results.
    Gibbs is dark and handsome and gorgeous.

  3. Cute owlets …you have done very well. And Gibbs it a very good looking pup…mums are allowed to brag 🙂 lol

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