more round and round in circles #2 amigurumi

A week ago, I showed you my first attempt at amigurumi, following a pattern by A Morning Cup Of Jo, available for free download on Ravelry.  It was far from perfect, but that’s to be expected . . . it was my first attempt at following a pattern and I only started teaching myself to crochet a couple of weeks ago.

Anyway, me being me . . . I just had to sit down and make it a second time.  To improve on all the mistakes I made first time around, and to prove to myself that I could read a pattern if I set my mind to it.

owlet the second

And voilà !  I won’t tell you how many times I pulled the yarn out and started again, because I lost count on my seventh (or was it eighth?) attempt.  This matters not lol . . . I have something that looks a lot more like it’s supposed to . . . and I even managed to give it pointy ears.

owlets x2 01

Here he is, next to the first attempt.  Purple owlet felt tiny & fiddly when I was crocheting him, but just look how small the second one turned out!

owlets x2 03

Teeny tiny.

owlets x2 04

And definitely looking more like Jo’s original owlets.  I think I should have attached the eyes even lower?

The question now is . . . do I go ahead and make a third one until I really get it spot on? or do I make something different next time?  Hmmm  decisions decisions . . .

I’m certainly not short of yarn.  Went totally mad last week and now have lots of lovely colours to play with.

yarn stash 02

Bought these Stylecraft Special DK colours on-line along with

yarn stash 03

safety eyes and a row counter.  Safety eyes won’t be needed until I become more competent.  For my trials, I’ll just be using beads & buttons for eyes.    And then, while in a local bargain basement store, I bought

yarn stash 04

I think this might be 4ply but I’m a total dimwit where yarn goes.  All I know is, label says to use a  3mm or 3.5mm hook, which I did (3.5mm), and this is what I used for my aqua owlet who turned out very small.  1.5” tall.


14 thoughts on “more round and round in circles #2 amigurumi

    • I thought I had placed them the same as the pattern, until I finished stuffing lol. Having trouble embroidering beaks too, but things can only get better.

  1. I think you could probably go on indefinitely, it just depends on how many owls you think you can live with. One more wouldn’t go amiss, three’s a good number… The teeny aqua one is very cute, I like the pastel colours.

    • thanks Catherine ^^ It’s slow going at the moment because I have to shut myself away from all distrctions (mainly cats) but I know I’ll become more competent with practice.

  2. he is great, well done! And well done for persevering. Stitch markers are your friend when making amigirumi. I have some plastic ones that look like safety pins, they’re really cheap to buy too.

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