Gibbs 6 months

gibbs feb

Hello everyone, well Gibbs is 6 months old today and beginning to look more like an adult than a puppy.


Here he is, somewhat dirty, after a romp around outside.  He has a mouthful of gleaming adult teeth, and his coat is getting thicker and glossier.

We didn’t weigh him for this month, but I reckon he must be about 22 kilos now.  He’s growing taller, but also beginning to fill out a little, while still remaining very slim and athletic.

The big growth spurt, in theory, will be over the next few months.  We’re following feeding instructions given by the breeder, and as from today, Gibbs will be on 2 meals a day, instead of 3.  However rations will be 300g twice a day . . . so that 12 kilo sack of Royal Canin isn’t going to last long!

We haven’t had any chewing incidents in a while, and the cats have all more or less accepted him.  None of the cats appreciate a close encounter, but they no longer try to avoid Gibbs who has learned not to chase after them.  Gibbs learns very quickly.  He is excellent nowadays at the “fetch” game.  He brings whatever I throw back every time, and obeys the “drop” command 8 times out of 10.  Walks on the lead are very pleasant too.  He walks ever so well, without tugging, and most of the time one finger looped through the leash “handle” is all it takes.  He does tend to get distracted very easily though, and during walks, we have to keep our eyes open for: cyclists, pedestrians, cats, other dogs, and flying leaves . . . any of these sightings can make Gibbs spring into action and want to go dashing off to play.


11 thoughts on “Gibbs 6 months

  1. Bless him! Royal Canin eh?? I couldn’t possibly dish that up with the amount of animals I have – we’d be spending more on dog and cat food that on human food.

    • our animal food budget is huge but I buy everything on-line and prices make it more affordable. Cats are all now on Virbac special Urology dried food because Ducky had to be « unblocked » (over 500€ in vet bills for that!) so vet gave strict instructions that he needs to be on a specific dietary needs food for life. Even the normal « sterilised » cat food isn’t suitable for him. Having 4 cats, it’s impossible to feed one sort to one and another sort to the others, so they all get the expensive food. However, if it saves vet bills in the long run, then I’m happy to do that. As for Gibbs – yep, Royal Canin Golden Retriever Junior and when he is fully grown it’ll be Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult, but smaller portions, to keep that coat glossy lol.

      • Yes, I hear you about the cats – you can’t be giving different foods to each one, it would never work. I also buy food online which is great as I wouldn’t want to manhandle all those 15kg sacks back from the supermarket. I use a Swiss brand for both cats and dogs and the dog food, in particular, is very good quality for the price. It’s not cheap but not quite as bad as the Royal Canin and, with three quite big dogs it’s a good compromise.

      • I also find, buying on line, means I’m not tempted to buy other stuff ^^. Take me to a proper shop and I always comes out with more than I went in for. With on-line shopping I buy just enough to get free p&p lol

  2. He’s such a cutie. Luna has a rather delicate tummy, she eats roast chicken & James wellbeloved!! Mind you she doesn’t eat that large meals. I do feel it’s better to feed a smaller quantity of better quality food ( especially when you have to deal with it later)

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