“Live Simply” update and merci to La Pie Kikou

You may be thinking, after recent posts, that I’ve suddenly given up on cross stitch, and am totally absorbed with my crochet hook.  You would be wrong lol.  I’m still busy cross stitching, with my feet up, in the evening.  It’s my favourite activity for the evening, when I follow whatever is on TV and keep my hands busy. 

live simply 02

I’m still working on “Live Simply” which is a kit by Dimensions that I picked up at a bargain price in sewandso’s January sales.  Last time, it looked like this.

live simply

A few more evenings and it should be finished.

I have a thank you to share with you today as well.  A big thank you to La Pie Kikou.  La Pie is a French blogging friend who dabbles in many many needlecrafts, and her “finishing” is always remarkable.  I was very lucky to receive one of her creations . . . as a belated birthday gift

from La Pie01

An embroidered “carnet” plus some fabric for patchwork and a DMC chart & threads to stitch some kokeshi dolls.

from La Pie 02

You undo the pink ribbon and it opens out

from La Pie 04

from La Pie 03

from La Pie 05

There are teeny tiny seed beads on the front too . . . it’s so pretty!

10 thoughts on ““Live Simply” update and merci to La Pie Kikou

    • easy peasy! On 2 seat sofa. Triangler cushion behind my back so I’m in a half-reclining position. Pillow under my knees with feet up. One cat sprawled across my legs. Lamp shining right above my head. Crumpled photo copy of chart beside me . . . threads on thread sorter, draped over the back of the sofa and scissors under right bum cheek so no one gets hurt lol. Oh and magnifying glasses perched on the end of my nose because my varifocals (although new) aren’t brilliant lol.

      • Sounds a bit like how I knit but that’s not quite such a precise art as cross stitch. Can you actually watch the T.V. or just listen? I can’t imagine being able to do those tiny stitches without peering at them all the time. Still, it obviously works for you 🙂

  1. What a gorgeous gift, and a really lovely idea! Your cross stitch is looking great! It’s always exciting to come to the end of something bright and happy – and just in time for spring!

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