round and round in circles #1 amigurumi

I’ve been hooking round and round in circles . . . still on a very important learning curve with crochet.  I have got lots lots of free patterns printed out, and in a ring binder, and also have an order of Stylecraft Special DK yarn & safety eyes on the way.  However, I was too impatient to wait, so I set to work with a tiny 20g ball of 100% cotton and a 3.5mm hook.

Following a pattern I found on Ravelry, by A Morning Cup of Jo.


Now, don’t get excited . . . those are the ones crocheted by Jo . . . my version doesn’t quite look the same lol

ami owl 01

He looks shorter, but in fact, he’s the correct height, just fatter.  I thought I’d worked out how to increase (and I have) but I also seem to be increasing when I’m not supposed to.  No need to try and offer advice lol . . . I’ll work it out.

The top of his head (and ears) isn’t the right shape . . . but I know what I did wrong there too.  I finished him off and stuffed him anyway, rather than unravel and start all over.  He’ll be my little amigurumi mascot, and remind me of mistakes to correct for next time.  Because, of course, there will be a next time!  Crafting wouldn’t be fun if we got it right the first time, would it?  

I plan on trying this pattern a second time, in a different colour,  in the hopes of ending up with an owl that looks more like the ones in Jo’s photo.   So stay tuned for my second attempt.


20 thoughts on “round and round in circles #1 amigurumi

    • thank you ^^ I think he’s cute too, and more importantly, he’s my first crochet finish! So, he’s very special . . . and did you notice? He’s purple lol. I might make him a loop on the top of his head and hang him in my purple Picasso lol.

    • well I crocheted this “in the round” so there was no turning chain lol . . . but yes, I think I’m mistaking a stitch for a stitch somewhere each time when it’s not one. I will work it out. It’s all new, and takes time to recognise what’s a stitch and what’s not lol.

  1. He’s just as wise as his Ravelry cousins, and he’s wide because he always wanted to hang with Miss Moneypenny…this ways he’ll fit in better. (He’s also colorblind, so he thinks they look alike.)

  2. Great job Claire. The purple owl….love it. You’ll have a basket of these cuties before you know it lol :).

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