F2F2 # from Australia and USA

More gorgeous blocks have arrived, from far far away, for my turn as Miss February, in the F2F2 block swap, organised by Kate.

You’ll remember that the photo for my colour inspiration is


Blocks from Kate, with a gorgeous card and a cat print vignette.

F2F2 from Kate

A zoom, so you can admire in more detail.

from Kate 01

from Kate 02

from Kate 03

And blocks from Susan, who also sent along some of the fabrics left over from her blocks.

F2F2 from Susan

In more detail

from Susan 01

from Susan 02

from Susan 03

Aren’t they all lovely and bright?  Many thanks ladies . . . I’m now keeping my eyes open for the last 2 sets to arrive!


9 thoughts on “F2F2 # from Australia and USA

    • well I’ve got my fabrics, and little brain is thinking, but I’m going to wait for all blocks to arrive before I make my own

  1. Your quilt is going to look like a whole flock of lorikeets fluttering by – just lovely! Don’t forget to let me have your own block photos when you get round to making them, I want to make sure they’re not missing from the gallery.

    • never fear, I will send photos as soon as my make my own ^^ However I still plan on waiting for all blocks to arrive before I make them. Will give my back more time to rest.

      • I think that’s sensible. You can then see if there are any ‘colour gaps’ you need to fill in order to balance the overall effect. And extra rest is always a good plan 🙂

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