happy unbirthdays in February

Another month, and three more unbirthday gifts were sent out in February.  To Sandra (of the F2F2 swap) more as a thank you really.

unbirthday Sandra Feb

A little selection of ten 5” charm squares in quite soft tones.

To Jess (who has really been throwing herself into patchwork since she started only last year)

unbirthday Jess Feb

Also a selection of ten 5” charm squares and a little fabric tray (made with 2 charm squares).

And for a good friend’s MOTH, who rather enjoys listening to audio books


“Amagansett” by Mark Mills.  I haven’t actually read this myself, but the resumé of the plot sounded quite gripping.


4 thoughts on “happy unbirthdays in February

  1. I know Sandra was delighted with her charm squares and wanted me to thank you for your kind thought. I don’t know whether it’s a coincidence but they are just the sort of colours she chose for her F2F blocks.

    • I tried to select some soft purple ones and a few greens, because I thought they might hit the spot. Then again, with patchwork fabric, we often end up making things not in our favourite colour range ^^

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