best layer of the month # February

hens feb

We’ve moved the gals’ enclosure to a fresh plot . . . so lots of moss to dig up and sorry winter grass to rummage in.  They seem happy.  Total egg count this month was 62 which isn’t bad going when you consider February only has 28 days and our hens are two and a half years old.

It was neck and neck between Miss Marple and Miss Moneypenny this month

hens x2feb

But Miss Marple (black & tan) won, with 23 eggs.  Miss Moneypenny 22, and Miranda only 17. 


5 thoughts on “best layer of the month # February

  1. Your girls do very well, I know nothing about chickens – you say they are two and a half years old – is that good, bad or what. and 62 eggs in a month from just 3 chucks sounds brilliant to me. Helen x

    • books and other sources say that a laying hen is at her “best” from age 6 months – 18 months. Rustic hens, like ours, can lay almost one egg a day for their first laying year and both our red and black hen did lay more than 320 eggs each during their first year of laying. They now seem to laying more like 4 or 5 times a week but that’s still far more eggs than we can eat . . . so neighbours still get to enjoy fresh eggs too.

  2. Your girls really like to share the bragging rights! Our two are finally back at it after being on strike through Dec and Jan. What stinky timing they have, but it is nice to have eggs again.

    • funnily enough, our girls don’t seem to mind the cold & wet so much as the heat. Laying really slows down during the summer months here.

      • DH freezes water in gallon milk jugs in the summer, they are like personal air conditioners! As for winter, not sure I would want to lay eggs when it’s -20 Farenheit, so I can’t really blame them!

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