tidying those scraps

I’m pleased to say that lots of rest over recent weeks (plus the cortisone injection) seems to be helping back pain.  I’m still not 100% comfortable, but am definitely feeling better.  I realise I still need to take things easy unless I want to suffer a set-back and, no matter how much I would love to sit and do some serious sewing . . . I am being sensible.  Any machine sewing happening in this house over the coming weeks/months will be done in very short sessions.  So I’ll be working on small projects and will wait a while longer before I do any more physically demanding quilting.

The other day, I was mooching around in my sewing room, wondering what new project I could begin when I noticed the mess that is my fabric scrap box.

scrap tidying 01 

I had left it, open, on my sofa and one of the cats obviously got in there for a play.  Suddenly aghast at my over-flowing scrap box, I decided to have a tidy up and sort through.

Several hours later – yep, it took that long because I ironed scraps, sorted by colour, and even did some scrap trimming as I went . . .

scrap tidying

Scrap fabrics are now in re-sealable freezer bags.  I haven’t got enough to merit one bag per colour so I’ve done a pink/red bag . . . a black/grey bag . . . a turquoise/teal bag etc.

When possible, with smaller pieces, I cut 5” squares or 2.5” squares, surprising myself with how fast those piled up

scrap tidying 04

And when scraps were even smaller . . .

scrap tidying 03

I cut 1.5” x 2” rectangles to add to my little “sample box”

scrap tidying 06

scrap tidying 05

And yes . . . some sewing did happen, because I felt I deserved a reward after all that sorting.  I stitched some of my “sample” bits together, having fun first with colour layout.

sample scraps

Dusky pinks . . . browns & beiges . . . and brighter pinks.  These blocks measure approx 6” x 6.5”.  I’ve already got a vague idea of what they will become. 


13 thoughts on “tidying those scraps

  1. Oh, well done! I love those postage stamp squares, too. Now, would you like to come over to my place and spend a couple of weeks doing the same with my enormous ‘scrap collection’ (I have to call it that or be too ashamed of the mess it’s in…)? One of these days I’ll have to do the same, but it’s so overwhelming I keep putting it off….

  2. I did something similar a while ago but only a small amount of scraps seemed to take me forever although I did feel very virtuous at the end of it. Don’t get me wrong – I didn’t just have a small amount, I have a huge amount but to do all of them would have taken so long I wouldn’t have got anything else done at all. I suppose the thing to do is sort the scraps at the end of every project – if only I could be so disciplined.

    • now that I’m sorted, the plan is to sort scraps after each new project, yes ^^ Whether or not I’ll actually do that remains to be seen.

  3. Those are some sweet blocks Claire! So glad to hear that you feel like things are improving with your back. I like the idea of chopping small pieces into 5 inch or 2 1/2 inch squares. It’s like making your own charm packs!

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