baby steps with my hook

For several years now, I’ve been admiring the skills of those of you who can crochet.  Because I can’t.  I can (sort of) knit, without dropping too many stitches along the way, but never progressed to the “read a pattern” stage, so my knitting has been strictly limited to knitting scarves lol.  It’s therefore something I don’t do much of, because family members only need so many scarves.

However, a couple of years ago, I went totally mad and bought loads of knitting needles and yarn – still all sitting in my cupboard – and then last year I bought a set of crochet hooks and some books to learn how to crochet because I fell in love with designs here:  Moji-Moji Design.

Janine Holmes is so talented, and I love visiting her blog to drool over her latest creations.  If I want to learn to crochet, it’s because I want to make amigurumi !

Anyway . . . I’ve watched videos, and I’ve been following instructions in one of my books . . . because, while I can dream on about making loads of cute amigurumi, nothing is going to happen until I can actually master a few stitches and learn to read a pattern!

crochet 01

These are 2 of the books I invested in.  “I Can’t Believe I’m Crocheting” is the one I’m using at the moment. 

crochet 02

I’m a left-hander, so this book is handy, because it has step by step photos of “how to”.  I realise I could just put a mirror up to a right-handed version, but since the left-handed method is available in print, I’m using it.

crochet 03

Now the above, yes . . . it’s very yucky!  My first attempt at making a chain lol.  Tension problems all the way but I kept going . . .

I then tried with a different yarn

crochet 04

The blue yarn is almost 100% cotton, whereas the burgandy yarn is 70% acrylic and a whole lot easier to work with.  I spent hours, painfully, hooking . . . giving myself lots of encouragement with a “this isn’t rocket science!”.  I can’t say that I’m actually hooked on crochet yet but I will say that I’m about ready to progress to step 2, which is learn the single crochet stitch lol. 


26 thoughts on “baby steps with my hook

  1. You should take a look at YouTube videos to watch a few tutorials. Specifically look for The Crochet Crowd. Mikey, the host, shows everything left and right-handed.

  2. Claire, good luck with crocheting – you’ll make out just fine. Even seasoned crocheters sometimes have a problem with making a nice chain so don’t get disheartened.. Thanks for the link – I think I’m in love with all her wee critters and especially those owls.

    • the baby owl pattern is free to download on her blog lol. I’ve printed it out several of her free designs and have them in a ring-binder, optimistically, for the day when I can actually crochet lol

  3. Practice practice practice is the key to good tension in crocheting. When my mom taught me I had to keep ripping out my chain until it met her standards. Then she let me progress to single crochet.
    Can’t wait to see more progress. Crocheting is very relaxing and not as hard as knitting in my opinion.

  4. I am finding the chain hard to get right too – I keep managing to twist it somehow. However, once I’m off it’s fine. I’m halfway up a cafetière cosy as we speak 🙂
    I notice you are speaking American English with your talk of ‘single crochet’ . I’ve had to print out a comparison chart with the English/American English/French terms on them. I think it might be easier to follow those mind-blowing looking diagrams as the symbols are the same.
    I do love the amigurumi patterns that abound at the moment but I’m not sure I’d know what to do with them afterwards and, also, I am a very bad toy stuffer.
    Let’s carry on hooking and see where we go!

    • I’ve no idea what language I’m speaking lol. Could be US because the book is a Leisure Arts. After another session last night I can now confidently make a chain! But totally fluffed up the next stage because I can’t seem to identify exactly where to slip hook Under stitches . . . and there’s just so much my right hand and brain have to worry about . . . I need an extra hand!

  5. I love that the book tells you how to do it left-handed! it is so hard to learn something new when you also have to translate it. 🙂 I think your chains look lovely, and you will soon be hooking up a storm. 🙂

    • hmmm you seem to have lots of faith in me lol. Was all fingers & thumbs again last night while trying the next stage and result wasn’t very conclusive. Not giving up though ^^

      • don’t you worry, I’m going lol. Mind you, not only do I have to worry about tension and hook . . . I’ve now got one of the cats trying to help too. He’s used to me cross stitching, and knows he’s not allowed to play with things when I’m doing that . . . a ball of yarn is a whole new thing though!

  6. Oh Claire, I had to smile when I read your post because I also decided last year that I wanted to learn how to crochet. Mum used to make it look so easy. But, unlike you who are learning the correct way, I decided I had to make something useful straight away. My first (and only so far) was the Crochet Fusion quilt ( And I can actually recommend this project to a beginner because the instructions and videos are so clear, she makes it easy. I sat with the yarn and crochet and watched the videos bit by bit, over and over, and then followed as she did it. I just finished this quilt. Can I now follow a pattern? Not really? Can I read a pattern? Nope. But I can follow video instructions and can even follow the diagram 🙂

  7. Claire, take some advice from a left handed crocheter… just learn to crochet right handed. Left handed is really really hard. Right handed is easy. I am very left handed, can’t do much with my right hand, but learning to crochet rigt handed was MUCH easier

    • I did try as a right-hander but it just made my brain & eyes feel all “twitchy” if you know what I mean? Left-handed seems so much more natural, now that I’ve got past the awkward stage.

  8. You will be a very happy hooker in no time. It’s so much quicker than knitting too. I need to pull out my hooks again. My knitting is gather dust so I should get on with that also. too many things to do and sooooooooo little time.

  9. Good work there! If I had lived nearby I could have helped you! My grandma told me how do crochet when I was 6 years old. Mum showed me how to knit about one year later, so I have always been knitting and doing crochet through my whole life.

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