happy birthday to me

Yup, I’m an Aquarius . . . a February baby . . . and I suddenly grew one year older the other day.  Kept things very low key, in the hopes that the extra year wouldn’t creep up, but it did.

Photos to show you the goodies I received on my special day . . . (with old Doris doing some modelling for me).

from Megan

My daughter, Lindashee, sent me a very warm fleece jacket and . . . a  CD:  “1000 Forms of Fear” by Sia which didn’t get in the photo below because it’s sitting on my computer desk

from Megan 02

So, a CD and 2 pretty fabrics . . . and yes, some Heinz Beanz and corned beef lol.  Can’t get Heinz Beanz in France and I do love them. 

A lovely squishy parcel from Avis too . . .

from Avis

containing a lovely purple fleece sweater (again modelled by Doris) and

blocks from Avis

some lovely bright 12” blocks!  Now Avis isn’t officially signed up for the F2F2 swap, although she did take part in the first F2F swap . . . and she decided to make me three blocks in my colourway . . . for me to add to the blocks I’ll be receiving for the swap.

You’ll remember that my colour inspiration is


Avis saw some yellow in there too, with the orange plumage going from rich orange to a lighter shade

Avis 01

Avis 02

Avis 03

So, one very spoiled birthday girl here ^^

Oh and . . . I have an un-birthday gift to share with you . . .

from Helen

A gorgeous hand-made card from Helen along with 2 hand-crafted bookmarks: one from China and the other from Madagascar. 

A big thank you to Lindashee, Avis and Helen for all these lovely goodies!


16 thoughts on “happy birthday to me

  1. A belated Happy Birthday Claire.
    SuperU do Heinz beans but they are about three times the price they are in the U.K. as they put them in what I call the ‘English aisle’ although it’s really only a tiny part of an aisle next to the Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Mexican specialities. I bought a bottle of Worcester Sauce from the ‘English aisle’ for over 4 euros and then found it with the general condiments for about 1.50 euros – same with Digestive biscuits – so you have to be careful. Do you have SuperU where you are?

  2. Happy birthday for the other day! We’re both Aquarians too, and I think we have the most fun! Avis’ blocks are gorgeous, and she’s right, lorikeets have yellow on them too, quite a lot some of them. I do love that lilac fleece Avis sent, a great colour for you, and perfect for this chilly time of year in the Northern Hemisphere.

  3. Happy Birthday to you ♪♪♫♪ Such lovely gifts that you received. When my son first moved to France it was French’s yellow mustard that he missed the most. 😉

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