F2F2 – my turn!

We are now in the 9th and final month of the F2F2 block swap, organised by Kate . . . it’s February (at last) and it’s now my turn to be on the receiving end – yay!

I have had great fun making, and sending blocks to ladies in their different colourways . . . it’s been a wonderful motivator, to learn to tackle new block patterns and to use colours I wouldn’t usually choose to sew with.

My colour inspiration photo for this swap was


Colourful lorikeets:  and I asked for bright blue, orange and green on a white background.

I received the first 2 sets of blocks from ladies in France . . . along with some lovely gifts too.

blocks from Sandra

These are the blocks made by Sandra (who doesn’t have a blog) and she sent me a lovely little purple felt pin-keep.

A zoom on blocks which are all square, it’s my photography which isn’t spot on.

Sandra 01

Sandra 03

Sandra 02

And from Lynn

blockas from Lynn

an overall view of blocks, plus some extra goodies . . . a lovely card printed with a photo of one of Lynn’s kittens, two bookmarks (one in patchwork, the other in crochet) and a cross stitch kit!

Now for a zoom of those lovely blocks

Lynn 01

Lynn 02

Lynn 03

Aren’t they all lovely?  And how exciting it is, to finally be on the receiving end.  Thank you ladies, and please stay tuned for the the next blocks to arrive.


11 thoughts on “F2F2 – my turn!

  1. I do love the colours you’ve selected; it makes me think of the crowd of noisy clowns, aka lorikeets, who descend on our back yard each day. Such a very Australian bird, to add a touch of colour to your European winter landscape 🙂

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