two little blackwork stitchings

Doomed to not get any machine sewing done, following doctor’s instructions to “rest”, I’ve been flitting between several cross stitch projects, but wanted a little more excitement in my life . . . so after browsing on Elizabeth Almond’s site, I printed out a couple of her free blackwork designs. 

I made use of some leftover threads from a recent cross stitch finish (Statement Flowers) and cut myself a couple of small pieces of cream 14 count aida . . . after a few evenings of stitching comfortably, with my feet up and back supported by special cushion . . .

blackwork 01

First one is called “Colour Flower”, stitched in green, pink and purple.

blackwork 02

Second one is called “Freestar”, stitched in black and turquoise.


As you can see, even on 14 count aida, they’re only small: 2.5” square.  I’ll be finishing them off soon – once I’ve decided exactly what I am going to do with them.


25 thoughts on “two little blackwork stitchings

    • saw rheumatologist a fortnight ago, she gave me cortison injection and said, with discal herniation, it’s simply a question of taking things gently, and it could take up to 12 months to heal itself.

  1. These are so pretty. What great little projects! Hope the cortisone helps, my mom would get those when her disks herniated, and they did seem to help her, though this is all pretty individual, which is why it is so frustrating, for you and the doc! I do remember that once things got to a certain point, she suddenly knew she was on the mend, even if she couldn’t do what she wanted for a while. It certainly cheered her up. Hope you are able to discern that feeling and it encourages you! Sending you hugs!

  2. They would make sweet little ornaments, and as I am into ornaments at the moment and it seems a very long time since I did any blackwork. I may have to go and take a peek at this site.
    Hope you are feeling better soon Claire xx

    • they’d look good on cards too ^^
      that’s a thought, have you ever tried stitching on perforated paper? which could then be trimmed and easily used for cards

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