Gibbs 5 months

Gibbs 5 months 02

Gibbs is 5 months old today, and growing.  Weighed in at 19 kilos, so that’s 4 kilos gained in one month – I think that’s a reasonable gain.  We haven’t had too many chewing episodes since I posted about him last time – but then again, we’re learning to not leave things lying around.  That way there isn’t too much to tempt him.

tooth fairy

Milk teeth are falling out, and being replaced with bigger adult teeth.  Here’s one I found before Gibbs had a chance to swallow it. 

Gibbs 5 months 03

As you can see, he’s gradually losing his fluffy puppy coat, and growing a shinier coat . . . but there’s still a lot of growing/maturing to go.


22 thoughts on “Gibbs 5 months

  1. Aw! He’s still a baby. They go through an ‘adolescent’ stage don’t they when they look all slender and leggy but not quite, you’ve still got your little pup 🙂

    • yep long puppy legs and he’s slender because we’re being careful to give exact food rations, not to overfeed. He is still on 3 meals a day, but rations increase with every monthly birthday

      • yep, only treats he gets comes out of his daily food ration lol. Gibbs is the fifth in our long history of family dogs, and it’s not because he’s cute that we give in to cute puppiness. So no table leftovers (they go to the hens) and strict food rations so he’ll be a healthy, but not over-weight.

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