happy un-birthdays in January

I will be celebrating friends’ un-birthdays throughout 2017, just as I did during 2016 and 2015 . . . I enjoy sending out little surprise gifts, and friends enjoy receiving them.  So why stop?  I do need to find time to make a few small gifts though, as I’m relying on some items made last year, to start the new year.

Three cross stitching ladies received a little un-birthday surprise in January . . . (pretty much the same, sorry for lack of imagination).

for ambre

for Virginie, aka ambre, a mini DMC kit and fabric cat coaster.

for Joce

for Joce73

for Stephnanie

and for Stéphanie.  Yep, I bought a few of the same kit in our local bargain basement store . . . design isn’t brilliant, but it’ll be a quick project to stitch up.

I also have some thank yous

from Michele

A big “merci” to Michèle, for these bookmarks.

from Stephanie

a “merci” to Stéphanie who sent a huge pile of bookmarks plus a belated xmas card and ATC.

from Wisher

and a big thank you to Angela, aka Wisher, for these gorgeous fabrics and fabric appliqué transfers.


6 thoughts on “happy un-birthdays in January

    • not at all ^^ I “pinched” the idea in the first place from the Disney film “Alice in Wonderland” – the tea party with the Mad Hatter and March Hare lol.

  1. I had no idea that unbirthdays came from Alice in Wonderland – one learns something new every day. Your unbirthday gifts this month were very nice even if they were similar … who cares, a gift is a gift!!

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